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ME Top Items - November 25, 2004


The largest annual conference of Government executives is moving! After many years as a popular and significant government Fall conference, the Interagency Resources Management Conference (IRMCO) sponsored by the General Services Administration, in partnership with the Federal Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Human Resources Management Council, and Chief Acquisition Officers Councils, is moving to the Spring timeframe, namely, May 1 – 4, 2005 at Cambridge, Maryland.

IRMCO is a government executive conference that emphasizes significant and timely issues challenging government across a variety of communities and disciplines. With its appearance in the Spring of 2005, IRMCO not only continues to bring executives together in relevant dialogues, but will also be well positioned to play a more important role in providing a government forum that will emphasize guidance in the Federal Government planning process. For further information, contact Gary Winters, 202-208-1045 or email

ME Hosts Government Panel Reviewing First FIPS 201 Public Draft

Federal Smart Card Project Managers Group led by OGP hosted a panel on Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 Personal Identity Verification on November 15 at the InsideID Conference at Washington Convention Center. About 200 representatives of Federal Agencies and Industry Partners attended session to discuss the newly published first public draft of Federal Information Processing Standard's FIPS 201. FIPS 201 defines the Federal Identity Credential is expected to become the new mandate for access by Federal Employees and Contractors to Federal Buildings and Information Systems. In addition, the newly published guidelines for Federal Agency transition from present credentials to the new FIPS 201 credentials were announced at the session. The session’s Government Panel was moderated by OGP’s John Moore, Chair of Federal Smart Card Project Managers Group and included NIST’s Curt Barker, Co-chair or HSPD12 plus 3 key Government representatives for the Federal perspective. Randy Vanderhoof, Executive Director of the Smart Card Alliance led a session of 4 key Industry representatives. For further information, please refer to the website or contact John Moore at 202.208.7651.

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