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Fact Sheets

The links on this page point to fact sheets that provide information on public health issues.


International Agreements

With India:

With China:

Health Policy and Initiatives
  • Global Health
    As nations become more interdependent and the health of people influences the health of national economies, countries are increasingly recognizing the importance of global health.
  • Health Diplomacy
    The "Initiative for Health Diplomacy in the Americas" channels technical and financial resources from the U.S. Government and the private sector to improve health care to people in Central America.
  • La Diplomacia en Salud
    La "Diplomacia en Salud en las Américas" canalizará los recursos técnicos y financieros del sector privado y del gobierno de Estados Unidos para mejorar la salud de los centroamericanos.

Last revised: January 08, 2008