A-1 Federal Information Resources Management Regulation (FIRMR) Applicability, January 31, 1991

A-2 Availability of Electronic Versions of the Federal Information Resources Management Regulation, Aug 10, 1991

B-1 Electronic Records Management, January 30, 1991

B-2 Interagency Reports Management Program, January 30, 1991

B-3 Standard and Optional Forms Management Program (Revision 2), October 24, 1995

B-4 Selecting and Using Stationery and Related Forms, January 30, 1991

B-5 Interagency Committee on Medical Records, November 22, 1991

C-1 Sharing Telecommunications Resources, January 30, 1991

C-2 Disposition and Reuse of FIP Equipment, January 30, 1991

C-3 Federal ADP and Telecommunications Standards Index (Revision 1), January 2, 1992

C-4 Performance and Capability Validation of FIP Systems (Revision 1), July 8, 1994

C-5 Delegation of GSA's Exclusive Procurement and Multiyear Contract Authority, January 30, 1991

C-6 Federal Information Resources Management Review Program (Revision 1), June 1, 1993

C-7 Trail Boss Program, December 12, 1995

C-8 Information Accessibility for employees with Disabilities, January 30, 1991

C-9 Nonmandatory GSA Services and Assistance Programs (Revision 1), August 11, 1993

C-10 Telecommunications Accessibility for Hearing and Speech Impaired Individuals, January 30, 1991

C-11 Sharing of Data Processing Capacity, January 30, 1991

C-12 Federal Software Exchange Program, January 30, 1991

C-13 Control of Long-distance Telephone Services, January 31, 1991

C-14 Conversion of FIP Resources, January 30, 1991

C-15 Mandatory Local Telecommunications Services, January 30, 1991

C-16 Emergency Telecommunications Services, January 30, 1991

C-17 Information Resources Service Center, January 30, 1991

C-18 Federal Telecommunications System 2000 (FTS2000) (Revision 1), June 2, 1993

C-19 Information Systems Security (INFOSEC), January 30, 1991

C-20 National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NSEP) Telecommunications, January 31, 1991

C-21 Purchase of Telephones and Services (POTS) Contracts, January 30, 1991

C-22 Security and Privacy Protection of (Supp. 1) Federal Information Processing (FIP), July 8, 1994

C-23 Limitation on the use of Haion in Fire Extinguishing Systems, January 30, 1991

C-24 Use of Contracts Designated by the General Services Administration for Governmentwide Use by Federal Agencies, July 14, 1992

C-25 Bid Analysis and Reporting System (BARS), January 30, 1991

C-26 Vendor Complaints and Agency Protests, January 30, 1991

C-27 Rev.2 Reuse of Outdated Federal Information Processing (FIP) Equipment, November 19, 1993

C-28 Computer Viruses, November 1990

C-29 Acquisition of Used Computer Equipment by the Federal Government, February 14, 1991

C-30 Replacement of, and Screening for Federal Information Processing (FIP) Equipment Under Exchange/Sale Authority, November 12, 1991

C-31 Use of Metric Measures in FIP Acquisitions the Federal Government, January 2, 1992

C-32 Vendor Provided Federal Information Processing (FIP) Training, May 8, 1992

C-33 Information Resources Procurement and Management Review (IR/PMR) Program, June 5, 1992

C-34 Video Teleconferencing and use of Federal Information Processing(FIP) Audiovisual and Telecommunications Resources, October 7, 1992

C-35 Energy-efficient microcomputers and associated computer equipment, November 19, 1993