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  Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Contract

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announced plans for a policy utilization effort to provide implementation diagnostics, actionable insights and best practices for key information technology policy initiatives in its Fiscal Year 2009 Information Technology Budget overview. In response, General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP) created the PUA Program office to support a contract vehicle for conducting timely government-wide and agency -specific assessments.

The Government-wide PUA Services BPA BPAVC08PD0001 is a contract that provides independent validation assessment expertise and services to support the OMB and GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP) in conduct of pilot and Government-wide assessments. The BPA task orders also allow for agency specific tasking and funding by agencies for agency-only more detailed and granular assessments.

The independent assessments typically completed within 120–150 days from award, use statistical sampling and reporting of baseline reports as an economical and efficient way to determine the actual effectiveness of IT policy implementation. The first two pilot Government-wide assessments for Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) and for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) under Task Order #1 were completed within 60 days and are providing actionable insights and highlight best agency practices.

Outcomes of task orders against the BPAs for PUA Reports of degree, extent of technology policy implementation, are meant to be an important tool for Government managers and leaders for recognizing and better understanding the importance of technology policy engagement.

The PUA Services task order approach presents a new way for federal agency CIOs to assess and receive timely, strategic, and useful inputs towards achieving full compliance with OMB IT policies.

PUA Blanket Purchase Agreement Features

  • Two scope areas with already developed with requirements and timelines:
    • Government-wide IT policy assessment, and
    • Agency-only IT policy assessment
  • Period of Performance from May 02, 2008 to May 02, 2012, with three, one-year option periods Fixed Price task orders only.
  • Ordering procedures are based on quick turn-around task order and template-based Statements of Work. Identify the target IT policy for assessment, contact the PUA Program Manager for assistance, and follow the procedures below listed under PUA Task Order Guidelines and Ordering Information.
  • Program ceiling of $20 million
  • New task orders are competed between two current BPA awardees –
    • Deloitte Consulting (  The BPA award can be viewed here: Deloitte BPA Award  ) and
    • Project Performance Corporation (  The BPA award can be viewed here: PPC BPA Award  ).
  • The list of Federal agencies within scope for this contract can be found at where agencies and CIOs are listed for approximately 24 major agencies (the CIO Council) and approximately 85 small agencies (Small Agency CIO Council).
PUA Task Order Benefits
  • BPA task orders provide independent validation assessment expertise and services to support the OMB and GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP) in conduct of pilot and Government-wide information technology policy assessments.
  • BPA task orders allows for agency specific tasking and funding of agency-only more detailed and granular assessment.
  • BPA task orders have short procurement lead times.
  • Government-wide initiatives and agency sponsors are assured of GSA PUA Program and GSA OGP acquisition team support to quickly process task orders and obtain assessment results.
  • In its reports by initiative or IT policy area, the Contractor documents actionable insights and best practices, identifying gaps in current agency implementation and variances or significant deviations from policy.
  • For each assessment, the Contractor works with OMB, GSA and Subject Matter Experts to develop an approach for each IT policy area, maintains a project plan, conducts reviews, and assesses the quality and completeness of agency policy implementations based on evidence and artifacts.
  • For each information technology policy assessed, the Contractor develops a policy assurance and inspection plan based on the policy to be assessed, conducts the assessment based on the assurance and inspection plan, and provides detailed reports in outline, draft and final versions.
  • Assessments are targeted to support further development of a more unified, secure, and interoperable IT environment that serves the public needs and better protects our Federal assets, people and processes.

PUA Task Order Guidelines and Ordering Information

  • Want a Government-wide or agency specific IT policy assessment? This contract is open for participation by federal agencies and lead agencies for federal initiatives. Identify the IT policy for assessment and follow the procedures below for participating in Task Order #1 (already in place) or in a new task order competed between BPA Contractors:

Until May 2009 - Participate in base year Task Order #1

  • Identify the IT policy for assessment and document your special requirements (1-3 pages) – e.g., which OMB IT policy and specific aspects of the policy to be assessed.
  • Consider assessment type: if government-wide or agency-specific assessment.
  • Review the outline of timelines and deliverables for the assessment type selected - outline task order #1 SOW.
  • Contact the GSA PUA Program Manager to submit your request, special requirements, and obtain an IT policy and scope review, fixed price amount, terms and condition, contractor information, and interagency transfer of funds contact information.
  • If fixed price and terms for task order #1 meet your needs and the IT policy selected is within scope for task order #1, submit an interagency transfer of funds document to GSA OGP, subject to GSA transfer of funds authority.

Until May 2012 - Participate in New Task Orders competed between Deloitte Consulting and Project Performance Corporation

  • If your general requirements for IT policy assessment type, timelines, deliverables, and fixed price are different from those listed in task order #1, contact the GSA PUA Program Manager for assistance in outlining and drafting a new task order.
  • Once your new task order is created, vetted and approved by the PUA Program Manager, an interagency transfer of funds is required to begin the task order competition process.
  • The new task order will then be competed among the two PUA BPA contractors: Deloitte Consulting and Project Performance Corporation. The requesting agency is encouraged to participate in the technical evaluation. Since the contracts are already in place, the evaluation criteria will be on technical approach and key personnel only. All task orders will be firm fixed price.

For questions on submitting PUA task orders, please call or email:

U.S. General Services Administration
GSA Policy Utilization Program
Lalit Bajaj, Program Manager
Phone: 202-208-7887

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