Create a LISTSERV List

NOTE: NIH LISTSERV lists are for official U.S. Government business only. Creation and ownership of lists on the NIH LISTSERV Facility are restricted to HHS employees and others with a CIT account.
The following information is needed to set up a new list on the NIH LISTSERV facility. The application form should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Once the application is submitted, the list will be set up within one business day.

For immediate assistance completing this form during business hours, please call TASC at 301-496-4357 (TDD 301-496-8294). Alternatively, send e-mail to (you should receive a response by the next business day).



The recommended format of the list name is 6-15 alphanumeric characters of your choosing. SPACES ARE NOT ALLOWED. However, the list name may contain more than one word connected by hyphens or the underscore characters, e.g., my-special-list or my_special_list.

It is customary, but not required, to add "-L" to the end of the name to indicate that it is a mailing list. If your list name is long, however, omit the "-L".

This name will be checked for uniqueness against all existing NIH list names.