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Darlene Meskell, John Moses, Michael Sorrento and the Federal Desktop Core Configuration Team are winners of the 2008 Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council Leadership Award, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced today. The winners were recognized at the Interagency Resources Management Conference (IRMCO) on Monday, April 14.
Pictured are David Wennergren, Darelene Meskell, and Karen Evans.
Pictured are David Wennergren,
Darelene Meskell, and Karen Evans.
Darlene Meskell is the GSA's Director of Intergovernmental Solutions. Also serving as managing director of the 5-Nations CIO Council, Meskell started a quarterly forum where CIOs from five prominent English-speaking nations share ideas and find the best approaches to solving common problems. Ken Cochrane, CIO of the Government of Canada, said, "Darlene Meskell has great knowledge and a great personality, these are the common threads that make our 5-Nations CIO Council work year after year."
John Moses is the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Director for the eRulemaking Program, a Federal Government-wide E-Government program that encourages public interaction with the federal regulatory process. He led the effort to develop and deploy the award-winning and Federal Docket Management System (FDMS). Over 150 agencies and other entities have implemented this system. A 15-year veteran of EPA, Moses also managed EPA's EDOCKET, the Agency's first electronic docket system, and led the effort that chose EDOCKET as the model for the eRulemaking system in 2002. Pictured are David Wennergren, John Moses, and Karen Evans.
Pictured are David Wennergren,
John Moses, and Karen Evans.
Pictured are David Wennergren, Michael Sorrento, and Karen Evans.
Pictured are David Wennergren,
Michael Sorrento, and Karen Evans.
Michael Sorrento is the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Director of Disaster Credit Management System (DCMS) Operation Center. He oversees the planning, development, and implementation of the Electronic Loan Application (ELA). By leveraging the power of technology and the Internet, ODA transformed loan-making into a virtual process that provides efficient and timely loan decisions to disaster victims through the ELA. This dynamic design achieves a power and cooling requirement savings of one third the cost of conventional infrastructure design for such an implementation.
In November 2006, a group of organizations met for to review and establish configuration settings for Microsoft Vista, Internet Explorer 7.0 (IE 7), and Office 2007. Over the next five months, this working group invested over 5,000 man-hours in joint meetings to arrive at a consensus for the Vista settings with the goal of establishing a DoD configuration for Windows Vista. In April 2007, the Vista Working Group briefed the DoD CIO Executive Board, making recommendations.
The DoD CIO Executive Board approved the recommendations, and the working group proceeded, between April 2007 and February 2008, to evaluate the configuration settings for Vista, IE7, and Office 2007, ultimately coming to consensus and the creation of the DoD Vista Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC). The DoD Vista FDCC is comprised of 666 settings that became the standard configuration for all DoD computers using Microsoft Windows Vista. The Office of Management & Budget subsequently adopted and made Federal standards of the DoD Vista FDCC and the Air Force's Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7.0 standard desktop configuration for the Windows XP FDCC. The following were instrumental in leading this effort: Pictured are David Wennergren, Amy Harding, Paul Bartock, Ricki Vanetesse, Ken Heitkamp, and Karen Evans.
    Pictured are David Wennergren, Amy Harding,
    Paul Bartock, Ricki Vanetesse,
   Ken Heitkamp, and Karen Evans.
Kenneth Heitkamp, Department of the Air Force; Mike Witt, Department of Homeland Security;Dan Costello, Office of Management & Budget; Dr. Amy Harding, Department of the Army; Ricki Vanetesse, Defense Information Systems Agency; Paul Bartock, National Security Agency; Stephen Quinn, National Institute of Standards & Technology.
The CIO Council Leadership Awards are given to career Federal employees in the information technology field for their dedication and commitment to advancing and substantially improving the way government does business. Recognition is given for electronic government and information technology advancements that have major impact on the way government conducts business on a government-wide basis. The awards were instituted in 2004 to further ensure that IT innovations and achievements are recognized and maximized by Government.
Nominees and their accomplishments demonstrated advances in conducting business government-wide; willingness and ability to treat obstacles as challenges, and not barriers; and measurable improvement in performance linked to mission objectives/results.

The 2008 individual award nominees were:
• Byron Adams, Navy
• Kenneth Bach, Corporation for National and Community Service
• Richard Coffee, Small Business Administration
• Michael Egly, Army
• Sharon Ehlers, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
• Richard Etter, Navy
• Eddie Henderson, Army
• Susan Jaxel, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
• Emerson Keslar, Army
• James Knox, Navy
• James Malenky, Army
• Richard Lewis, Labor
• Darlene Meskell, General Services Administration
• John Moses, EPA
• Chris Potter, Army
• Karl Rinas, Army
• Michael Sorrento, Small Business Administration
• Nancy Sternberg, Small Business Administration
• Sheila Swenson, Army
• Lawrence Swaider, Holocaust Memorial Museum
• Craig Thomas, Merit Systems Protection Board
• Anmy Torress, Army
• Owen Unangst, Agriculture
• Richard Westmark, Defense Finance and Accounting Servicev
Team award nominees were:
• The Small Business Administration's Website Redesign Team
• SBA's HSPD-12 Badge Team
• DoD's Data-at-Rest Tiger Team
• Interior's Radio Sharing Initiative
• The interagency Federal Desktop Core Configuration Team
• The Pentagon's Computer Incident Response Team
• The Pentagon's Telecommunications Center
• The USA Services Leadership Team
• The Army's Information Technology Agency Consolidated Customer Service Center
The CIO Council Executive Committee selected the 2008 winners. Members of the Executive Committee include:
Karen S. Evans
Administrator for E-Government and IT, Office of Management and Budget
Director, CIO Council

David Wennergren
Deputy CIO, Department of Defense
Vice Chair, CIO Council

Janet Barnes
CIO, Office of Personnel Management
Co-Chair, IT Workforce Committee

Christine Liu
CIO, Small Business Administration
Co-Chair, IT Workforce Committee

Michael Carleton
CIO, General Services Administration
Co-Chair, Architecture & Infrastructure Committee

Molly O'Neill
CIO, Environmental Protection Agency
Co-Chair, Architecture & Infrastructure Committee

Robert Carey
CIO, Department of the Navy
Co-Chair, Best Practices Committee

William Vajda
CIO, Department of Education
Co-Chair, Best Practices Committee

Vance Hitch
CIO, Department of Justice
Liaison for Cyber Security & Privacy

Craig Luigart
CIO, Veterans Health Administration
Liaison for IT Accessibility

Kshmendra Paul
Chief Architect
Office of Management and Budget

Tim Young
Deputy Administrator, Office of E-Government & Information Technology
Office of Management and Budget

John Lee
Chief, Information Policy and Technology Branch
Office of Management and Budget

Stanley F. Kaczmarczyk
Principal Deputy Associate Administrator
Office of Governmentwide Policy
General Services Administration
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