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About the Office of Global Health Affairs

"In international health, one of our Nation's greatest strengths is our considerable convening power—it's our ability to inspire, to set an example, and to call upon the best knowledge, experience, and resources, from individual experts, private institutions, and government agencies.”

-- Michael O. Leavitt before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, Washington, D.C. on January 19, 2005


Mailing Address and Phone Numbers

Office of Global Health Affairs
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Room 639H
200 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20201


Phone: (202) 690-6174
Fax: (202) 690-7127


Mission of the HHS Office of Global Health Affairs

We represent the Department to other governments, other Federal Departments and agencies, international organizations, and the private sector on international and refugee health issues.


We provide policy guidance and coordination on refugee health policy issues, in collaboration with the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Operating Divisions, the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Administration for Children and Families, the Department of State, and others.


We develop U.S. policy and strategy positions related to health issues. We facilitate involvement of the PHS in support of these positions and in collaboration with other agencies and organizations. We also facilitate cooperation by the PHS Operating Divisions with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


We provide leadership and coordination for bilateral programs with selected countries, such as the U.S.-Russia and U.S.-South Africa Health Committees, in support of Presidential and Vice-Presidential initiatives.

Last revised: July 25, 2007