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Progress Reviews

The purpose of Progress Reviews is to provide a venue for Federal agencies to report on progress toward achieving the Healthy People 2010 goals and objectives for each of the 28 focus areas. The review is a mechanism by which the lead agencies for a particular focus area brief the Assistant Secretary for Health on the latest data for the objectives and on advances made toward the targets. It presents an opportunity for HHS and other Federal agency representatives to discuss barriers that stand in the way of achieving the targets and challenges them to explore strategies for moving the Nation closer to meeting the goals for 2010. Two rounds of reviews are planned for the decade for each of the focus areas.  The reviews are usually held in alphabetical order on a monthly basis, if possible.  The Assistant Secretary for Health chairs the reviews after preparations have been completed by the agencies that have lead responsibility for a given focus area.

The first round of reviews began in June 2002 and ended in December, 2005.  A second round of reviews encompassing the same 28 focus areas began in June 2006, and is ongoing.

Additional information about the reviews is available on the National Center for Health Statistics' Healthy People home page; supporting information for individual reviews is available from the [NCHS] links following the titles in the list below.

For access to printed and video records of the Healthy People 2000 progress reviews, go to the archive.

2010 Progress Reviews Round Two

2010 Progress Reviews Round One

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