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"The Water Ballet"
Public Service Announcment Script

Setting the scene:

An indoor swimming pool, high contrast, slow-motion, movie-style waves of water lap across the surface. In the background, violins rise (a la Strauss) and cutting through the water we see a delicate hand movement touching the top of the water creating ripples.

Then, the hand arcs out of the water and over a smiling face. The music builds. Cut to an underwater shot of a pair of legs pirouetting effortlessly across the bottom of the pool. Music builds, more strings.

The voice-over (a woman, the voice of the swimmer we're watching).

VO: I've been pretty obsessed with my weight for as long as I can remember...

Close-up of her face turning right, then left. Pull back to reveal two other women.

VO: I'd lose some, put it back on...I always felt like I was failing...and I knew it wasn't healthy...

Man's legs underwater spinning, then from above with arms extended.

VO: Then I learned that just a 5-10% gradual weight reduction could have a significant impact...

Underwater and above kick line, all synchronized.

VO: better health, lower blood pressure...and gradual weight loss helps...

Music builds to crescendo, they've made a circle with their arms and woman emerges from the middle, eyes open...

VO (announcer): Armed with reasonable expectations and professional help, getting the weight off and keeping it off is a realistic goal.


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