Advance Acquisition Plan
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  AAP No.:  17473 This is a system assigned unique number that identifies the AAP
  FY Report:  2007Update This system assigned value identifies the current reporting FY and Period
  Organization Code: 
Add a New Code
OE: CBP   Office Division: 
Select your operating area from the combination of  OE and Office or Division (Additional items can be added by your system POC Note: OE and Office Division are calculated.)
(Required: Yes)
  Procurement Office:  Add a New Code Select the Procurement Office (Additional items can be added by your system POC)
(Required: Yes)
  Requirement Type:  Select the best description from the drop-down.
(Required: Yes)
  Contract Vehicle:  Values: New, Existing or No Longer Required
Existing=A contract vehicle exists with a specific vendor.
New=No contract vehicle exists with a specific vendor. EAGLE or First Source are New.

No Longer Required=This requirement is no longer planned.
(Required: Yes)
  Public View:  No means that publishing this requirement description may compromise security or program requirements. Another description is 'Classified' or 'Law Enforcement Sensitive'.
Yes means that this requirement will be published in AAP/Small Business Forecast.
 (Required: Yes)
  Not Public Justification:  Provide a brief reason why publishing this requirement description to the public may compromise security or program requirements
(Required: Yes if Public View = No)
  Requirement Description (Internal):  This field is for internal DHS use only and not available to the Public. If PublicView = No then please provide the reason at the end of the description.
(Required: Yes)
  Requirement Description (Public): This field should be very general in nature since it will be viewed by the public  Examples might include:
Security Guard Services – Texas;
Office Furniture – Washington, DC area;
Ammunition (do not include caliber);

details referring to:
Operations – Scope, Planning Information, Dates and Times, Tactics, Methods, Capabilities and Limitations, Equipment, Unique Requisitions
Facilities –
Building Layouts, Alarm Systems, Entry Procedures/Security Guards/Schedules 
Personnel –
Number Assigned, Specific Duties, Private Information, Addresses, Personal Contact Information, Detailed Biographies 
Communications –
Capabilities and Limitations, Specialized Equipment, Username/Passwords, Assigned Frequencies, Schedule and Procedures 
Yes, if Public View is Yes)
  Strategic Sourcing:  Values: Yes or No   Do you anticipate using Strategic Sourcing for this requirement?
(Required: Yes)
  Primary NAICS Code:      NAICS Codes on the Web 6-Digit Values must exist in the NAICS 2002 Revision List
Use Link to assist in determining the code.
(Required: Yes)
  Competitive:  Yes = Competitive
No = Non-competitive
(Required: Yes)
  Acquisition Method: Required for Actions over $100K”
Choose one of the following:
IA - Interagency Agreement
Fixed Price Contracts, Cost Reimbursement Contracts, Indefinite-Delivery Contracts and Time and Materials/Labor Hour Contracts
Cooperative Agreement
PO -
Purchase Order
Blanket Purchase Agreement
Basic Ordering Agreement
Broad Agency Announcement
Govt Schedules (GSA, NIST, VA etc)
OT -
Other Transaction
includes RWA,
Use Other when none of the others listed in this section adequately describes this requirement.
(Required: Yes for Contract Value over $100k
  Estimated Number of Actions this FY: Estimate the number of actions to be taken against this AAP this FY e.g. delivery orders, calls, task orders etc. The value must be greater than 0.
(Required: Yes
  Small Business Program: 

Select from the following choices:
None - No Small Business is contemplated
To be determined

As described in FAR Part 19 (
SB -
Total is contemplated for Small Business
HUBZone - Procurement is contemplated for HUBZone-certified businesses
Procurement is contemplated for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses
8(a) -
Procurement is contemplated for 8(a) Program

As described in FAR Part 8  (
Procurement is reserved under the Javits-Wagner O’Day Act for National Industries for the Blind
Procurement is reserved under the Javits-Wagner O'Day Act for National Industries for the Severely Handicapped
Federal Prison Industries –
Procurement is reserved under FAR Part 8, Federal Prisons Industries
Use None , if not Small Business is contemplated
(Required: Yes)

    For the following $ values please use  numbers only. No $, commas, periods, or letters.
  Funding Prior Years $:    Include all previous FY funding if applicable
  Funding This FY $:  Current FY Funding