sunflowerEach year, an estimated 56,300 Americans are newly infected with HIV - in part because 25 percent of the more than one million Americans who are believed to be living with HIV don't even know they are infected.

HIV testing is a key component in controlling the spread of HIV infection. For those who test positive for HIV, awareness can help them take steps to protect their own health and that of their partners - thus avoiding further transmission.

For those testing negative, the testing process is an opportunity to get informed and take action to avoid risks and stay uninfected.


  • Overview
    Basic overview about HIV testing and a list of general information resources.
  • Getting Tested
    Resources about HIV testing and where to get tested, and information about HIV testing privacy.
  • Guidelines and Standards
    Resources for HIV testing guidelines and standards.
  • Frequent Questions
    Frequent questions asked about HIV/AIDS testing.

Last revised: 09/04/2008