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Aug 26: Ryan White AIDS Program - (PDF) Exit Disclaimer
Hear ideas about improving delivery of HIV/AIDS care as shared at this national meeting, held August 25-28, 2008 in Washington, DC. Visit for more information>> Exit Disclaimer

Aug 25: 2008 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Meeting Webcasts Exit Disclaimer
An archived web-cast, hosted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, is now available of Monday’s plenary session.

Aug 13: HHS Secretary Leavitt To Visit HIV/AIDS Projects in Cote d'Ivoire Exit Disclaimer

Aug 12: FDA Approves Gilead AIDS Drug for Hepatitis B Exit Disclaimer

Aug 3: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announces new HIV incidence estimates for the United States

Aug 2: Three new Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR) were recently released by CDC

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Jul 29: U.S. Government response to United Nations HIV/AIDS Report

Jul 29: Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Pediatric HIV Infection

Jul 28: New Report Examines Donor Funding for Health in Low- & Middle- Income Countries Exit Disclaimer

Jul 25: House voted in favor of PEPFAR reauthorization

Jul 25: Study Disproves Belief That Hepatitis C Blunts HIV Drugs

Jul 25: FDA releases new recommendations for healthcare professionals regarding Antiretroviral Abacavir and Allergic Reactions

Jul 25: announces 9/20/08 USCA session on HIV/AIDS Awareness Days(PDF - 226 KB)

Jul 24: NIAID Announces Revised Priorities for HIV Vaccine Research

Jul 24: Congress Sends Bush Legislation Tripling Funds for Fighting AIDS Around the World Exit Disclaimer

Jul 23: AIDS among Latinos on Rise Exit Disclaimer

Jul 23: CDC prepares the release of HIV/AIDS Surveillance and new HIV incidence estimates

Jul 18: NIAID Director Fauci Cancels Planned HIV Vaccine Trial Exit Disclaimer

Jul 11: Crack Cocaine Use Increases Risk of Illness, Death Among HIV-Positive Women, Study Says Exit Disclaimer

Jul 7: SF Study: Streamlined Consent Increases HIV Testing Among High-Risk Populations, Notes AHF Exit Disclaimer

Jul 7: Infant formula blocks HIV transmission Exit Disclaimer

Jul 7: GeoVax Reports Progress on Its AIDS Vaccine Technology Exit Disclaimer

Jul 6: UNAIDS and Kaiser Family Foundation release new report assessing funding for AIDS by G8 countries and other major donors Exit Disclaimer

Jul 3: Updated Prevention and Treatment Guidelines for Opportunistic Infections

Jul 3: Freeze-Dried Formula May Block HIV Virus in Breast Milk

Jul 2: Bush Urges Congress to Pass AIDS Funds Exit Disclaimer

Jul 1: Risk of death for people with HIV now similar to that seen in the general population Exit Disclaimer

Jul 1: AIDS treatments accelerate aging process Exit Disclaimer

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Jun 27: Trends in HIV/AIDS Diagnoses Among Men Who Have Sex with Men

Jun 26: Statement by Mrs. Laura Bush for National HIV Testing Day

Jun 25: Many may 'trust' their partner is a low STD risk.

Jun 25: NIAID Creates HIV Vaccine Discovery Branch to Promote Synergy Between Basic HIV Researchers and Vaccine Designers.

Jun 24: Important changes to Viramune (nevirapine) oral solution and tablets.

Jun 24: Children, Adolescents Living With HIV Have Higher Rates of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Issues, Study Finds. Exit Disclaimer

Jun 23: Study Shows That Small Protein Can Broaden Immune Response in Humans.

Jun 23: NIH Launches New Office of AIDS Research Website.

Jun 20: Updated Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections Guidelines Released.

Jun 19: Issues with Oral Fluid Rapid Tests Information Provided.

Jun 19: Heart Risks Emerging in People With HIV.

Jun 19: Herpes Suppression May Not Prevent HIV Infection.

Jun 18: MSM Largely Ignored in Global Fight Against AIDS. Exit Disclaimer

Jun 18: HIV Screening Among People Ages 55, Older Worthwhile, Study Finds. Exit Disclaimer

Jun 18: MMWR: False-Positive Oral Fluid Rapid HIV Tests --- New York City, 2005--2008

Jun 13: HIV Birth Witnessed.

Jun 11: FDA Advisory Panel Voices Concern Over Risks of HIV Vaccine Trials in Teenagers.

Jun 6: MMWR: Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance --- United States, 2007.

Jun 6: Longer Treatment With Antiretroviral Nevirapine Reduces Risk of HIV Among Infants, Study Finds. Exit Disclaimer

Jun 5: Decline in Teen Sex Levels Off, Survey Shows.

Jun 5: Freezing HIV Med Prices for U.S. Agencies. Exit Disclaimer

Jun 4: Findings Offer Insights into Role of Breastfeeding in Preventing Infant Death, HIV Infection in Resource Poor Countries.

June 2: HIV treatment access improves, but coverage low.

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May 28: HHS Invites HPLS Registrants to Session on HIV/AIDS Awareness Days (PDF – 127 KB)

May 27: Monitoring Board Recommends Stopping Experimental Treatment Regimen in International Study of Patients New to HIV Treatment.

May 27: HIV-positive Survivors of Sexual Abuse Who Receive Coping Intervention Less Likely to Engage in Unprotected Sex.

May 27: US study confirms long-term use of AZT, d4T result in lipoatrophy. Exit Disclaimer

May 21: Tentative approval of generic emtricitabine capsules under PEPFAR.

May 20: Cancer risk soars in HIV-infected people: study.

May 20: NIAID to Advance B-Cell Approach to HIV Vaccines.

May 20: National Native American AIDS Prevention Center (NNAAPC) announces the availability of regional training grants. Exit Disclaimer

May 16: Researchers Discover ‘Reservoir’ That Allows HIV To Remain Infectious Despite Treatment. Exit Disclaimer

May 16: Statement of Dr. Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH, on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day.

May 16: Tentative approval of generic nevirapine tablets under PEPFAR.

May 15: Essay Examines Progress, Challenges in HIV/AIDS Research. Exit Disclaimer

May 14: Study Supports Popular HIV Drug Regimen.

May 10: Call to Shift HIV Prevention Demographics.

May 9: HIV reduces body's ability to control hepatitis C replication. Exit Disclaimer

May 5: University of California-San Francisco Researchers Studying Cognition in Older HIVers.

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