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Fall 2007: November Is National Family Caregivers Month (PDF version, 554 kb - Download a free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®)EXIT Disclaimer

Summer 2007: Putting the Community Back Into Public Health (PDF version, 200 kb - Download a free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®)EXIT Disclaimer

Winter/Spring 2007:  Prevention, Preparedness, Promotion: The Fourth National Prevention Summit (PDF version, 227 kb - Download a free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®)EXIT Disclaimer

Fall 2006:  Surgeon General's Report States Secondhand Smoke Is a Serious Health Hazard (PDF version, 376 kb - Download a free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®)EXIT Disclaimer

Spring/Summer 2006:  Making Better Health Communication a Reality: A Midcourse Check on the Healthy People 2010 Objectives (PDF version, 285k)

Winter 2006: Health Information for Seniors: The Internet's Expanding Role (PDF version, 241k)

Fall 2005: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for Older Adults: Programs That Work (PDF version, 274k)

Summer 2005: Health Literacy Crucial to Good Health (PDF version, 494k)

Spring 2005: Exercising Good Judgment in Choosing Your Diet (PDF version, 426k)

Fall 2004: Youth Smoking Isn't Kid Stuff (PDF version, 267k)

Summer 2004: Chronic Kidney Disease:  A Silent Threat (PDF version, 223k)

Spring 2004: Breast Cancer: The Most Common Malignancy in Women (PDF version, 245k)

Winter 2004: Asthma: A Serious and Growing Health Problem (PDF version, 118k)

Fall 2003: Getting to the Heart of Prevention (PDF version, 352k)

Summer 2003: Now Is the Time for Prevention (PDF version, 390k)

Spring 2003: Putting Prevention First...and Foremost (PDF version, 390k)

Winter 2003: Diabetes Continues To Pose a Public Health Challenge (PDF version, 149k)

Fall 2002: Substance Abuse—Reduce Substance Abuse To Protect the Health, Safety, and Quality of Life for All, Especially Children (PDF version, 403k)

Summer 2002: Physical Activity and Fitness—Improving health, fitness, and quality of life through daily physical activity (PDF version, 415k)

Spring 2002: Environmental Health: Promoting Health for All Through a Healthy Environment (PDF version, 349k)

Winter 2002: Culture Counts in Mental Health Services and Research (PDF version, 230k)

Fall 2001: Overweight and Obesity: A Major Public Health Issue (PDF version, 928k)

Summer 2001: Smoking Is a Women's Issue (PDF version, 596k)

Spring 2001:  Youth Violence Is A Public Health Issue (PDF version, 418k)

Winter 2001: Health Equity Benefits Everyone (PDF version, 313k)

Spring 2000: Safe Drinking Water is Fundamental to Public Health (PDF version, 236k)

Winter 2000: Healthy People 2010: Understanding and Improving Health (PDF version, 387k)

Fall 1999: Seat Belts Still Saving Lives (PDF version, 265k)

Summer 1999: An Invitation to Celebrate the Launch of Healthy People 2010 (PDF version, 196k)

Spring 1999: Combating the Growing Problem of Asthma in the United States (PDF version, 121k)

Winter 1999: Healthy People 2010: What Next? (PDF version, 180k)

Fall 1998: Shalala Invites the Public Input in Developing Healthy People 2010 (PDF version, 86k)

Summer 1998: Dr. David Satcher, 'The Surgeon General Who Listens' (PDF version, 442k)

Spring 1998: Put Prevention Into Practice (PDF version, 197k)

Winter 1998: Government and Private Sectors Join Forces for Food Safety (PDF version, 219k)

Fall 1997: Putting Prevention Into the Context and Continuum of Women's Lives (PDF version, 513k)

Summer 1997: Immunization . . . Not Just Kids' Stuff  (PDF version, 491k)

Winter 1997: Improving the Nation's Health with Performance Measurement (PDF version, 477k)

Fall 1996: Hotlinks: HEALTHY PEOPLE 2000 on the World Wide Web (PDF version, 179k)

Spring/Summer 1996: To Russia With Health: Internet Aids Globalization of Public Health (PDF version, 202k)

Winter 1996: Networked Health Information Is Prevention Power! (PDF version, 190k)

Fall 1995: Healthy People 2000-a Mid-Decade Review (PDF version, 500k)

Summer 1995: Key to Healthy Weight: Balance Food Energy and Physical Activity (PDF version, 189k)

February/March 1995: Risk Communication: Working with Individuals and Communities to Weigh the Odds (PDF version, 186k)

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