MicroscopeHIV/AIDS research is underway by many Federal agencies and their partners in laboratories and agencies throughout the nation. Research ranges from examining the basic biology of HIV to development of new and better therapies to treat HIV disease. Research is also underway to find a vaccine to prevent HIV infection.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) with HHS represents the largest public investment in AIDS research in the world. The NIH Office of AIDS Research plans and coordinates all AIDS-related research across NIH, thus allowing NIH to pursue a united research front against the global AIDS epidemic.


  • Overview
    Basic overview about HIV/AIDS research and a list of general information resources.
  • Prevention Research
    Resources about research for HIV prevention including general resources and information about behavioral research, research into mircobicides, and vaccines research.
  • Treatment Research
    Resources about research for the treatment and care of persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Special Populations Research
    Resources about research for the treatment and care of special populations.
  • Clinical Trials
    Resources for clinical trails research.
  • Frequent Questions
    Frequent questions asked about HIV/AIDS research.
  • Other Research Resources
    Additional resources related to HIV/AIDS research.

Last revised: 08/05/2008