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SUBJECT: Assignment of Certain Functions Relating to Telecommunications

Date: June 2005

Assignment of Certain Functions Related to Telecommunications, June 29, 2005. Authorizes the Director, Office of Management and Budget to issue a regulation to Implement Section 414, Transportation, Treasury, Independent Agencies and General Government Act, 2005 (Division H, P.L. 108-447). The OMB regulation requires Federal agencies to (1) Initiate a review of telecommunications capabilities in the context of planning for contingencies and Continuity of Operations in Federally-owned and leased buildings and (2) To determine when it is appropriate to use redundant and physically separate telecommunications service entry points into buildings and the use of physically diverse local network facilities in Federally-owned buildings. See OMB Memorandum, Regulation on Maintaining Telecommunications Service During a Crisis or Emergency in Federally-owned Buildings (M-05-16), June 30, 2005 which implements the June 29, 2005 Presidential Memorandum.

Memorandum of June 29, 2005
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