Market Research

Plan your market entry the right way – use market research to learn your product’s potential in a given market, the best prospects for success, and the market’s business practices before you first export.

If you’re just beginning to sell internationally, narrow your focus by concentrating on no more than two or three best-prospect markets. Use our Step-by-Step research guidelines to get started.

Market Research

Access the U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library containing more than 100,000 industry and country-specific market reports, authored by our specialists working in overseas posts.

The Library Includes:

Country Commercial Guides

Industry Overviews*

Market Updates*

Multilateral Development Bank Reports*

Best Markets*

Industry/Regional Reports*

Agricultural Goods Market Research Reports

Market research, crop reports, export statistics, and the National Agricultural Library -- all focusing on exporters of agricultural goods and commodities. Market reports on processed and finished agricultural products can also be found in the "Country and Industry Market Reports" above.

* These market research reports are available only to U.S. companies that are registered with Register above to get access.