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Career Spotlight:
Peace Corps Volunteer

Meet Kurtis - he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru from 2004–2006. He worked with the community to develop small businesses and teach computer skills, including the internet.

To learn more, check out these pages from Coverdell World Wise Schools:

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Slide Shows
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Kurtis - Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru from 2004–2006

Government Sites

Aviation and Space Careers - (Federal Aviation Administration) - Find out how to become a mechanic or a pilot.

Careers in Miami - Read what a sea turtle specialist does and check out the other interesting jobs that people who work for the Miami-Dade County do.

EEK! - Career Zone - (Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources) - Do you think you might want to have a job that involves helping take care of the environment? Check out these careers.

FEMA Careers for Kids - (Federal Emergency Management Agency) - FEMA isn't just a governmental agency that helps disaster victims, educates the public about mitigation and provides training for first-responders. FEMA is also a great place to work! Check out what kinds of jobs we have.

Health and Science Careers - (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) - Are you curious? Do you like numbers? Do you like adventures? If so, maybe you should become a scientist!

Kids Next Door - (Department of Housing and Urban Development) - You can learn more about being good citizens.

Look to the Future: Careers in Space - Since you were little, you have probably associated space careers with astronauts, walking on the moon, Neil Armstrong, and space shuttles. Not every space career involves hopping around in a big spacesuit, but there are lots of opportunities available for exciting space careers today.

Peace Corps Challenge - This game gives you the opportunity to work in the fictional village of Wanzuzu as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Science Careers - Becoming a scientist requires intelligence, creativity, and a strong desire to learn new things! Want to know more? Check out this site, if you want, take a quiz!

Slide Shows - Coverdell World Wise Schools - (Peace Corps) - Listen to Peace Corps Volunteers talk about their experience and express their opinions through their own photographs and in their own voices.

Space Agriculture in the Classroom - (Department of Agriculture, NASA) - Learn about the space program and the role of agriculture in our economy and society. Helps students see the connection between agricultural practices on Earth that relate to space-based research, particularly in the plant sciences.

Space Place Live - Kate and Carlos host their own talk show! Their guests are real scientists who work on really cool space and Earth missions. Join them and find out what it’s like to work as a scientist, how they got started in science, and what they like to do for fun.

Special Agent Undercover - (Federal Bureau of Investigation) - Can you help Special Agent Bobby Bureau get in disguise for his undercover assignment?

Videos - Coverdell World Wise Schools - (Peace Corps) - Vivid videos of daily life in Peace Corps countries from Kyrgyzstan and Sri Lanka to the Dominican Republic and Paraguay. Gender and Development videos are also available.

Working for the Great Outdoors - A Day In The Life - (Forest Service) - Take a closer look at just what it's like "on the job" for a few of the people of the Forest Service.

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Other Resources

Animal Doc - The interactive site, created by the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, guides children through a variety of topics like understanding dog behavior, fun facts about sheep and Paco's story, in which a little donkey has his leg fixed.

Careers in Veterinary Medicine - If you love animals and think being a veterinarian or a vet technician sounds like fun, then check out this cool site to learn how you can prepare for a job in this field.

Dog Doctors - Print and Coloring Sheets - Take a look and print these fun coloring sheets of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

European Space Agency - Kids - Learn about space stations, life in space, astronauts, and more.

Kids and Careers - There are so many jobs out there, and you're bound to find something that's right for you!

Marine Science Careers - Georgia Aquarium - Find out what a Research Biologist, Marine Mammalogist, Ichthyology, Biological Oceanographers and more do on a daily basis.

Medicine Careeer Choices - Everyone knows what doctors and lawyers do, but do you really know what it takes to get there or the many specialties and related fields those professions include? Go here to find out.

O Ambassadors - An exciting new joint project of Oprah’s Angel Network and Free The Children that will inspire young people to become active, compassionate and knowledgeable global citizens. The program connects young people in North America with people around the world to create lasting change. Participants address problems such as hunger, poverty and limited access to education.

Spotlight on... Animal Careers - Meet a Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) agent, a Pet Therapy Handler, and Lobbyist for animal rights.

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