Treatment and Care

Cupped Hands Held Up in Front of the SunWhile there is currently no cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS, people living with HIV disease can benefit from an array of antiretroviral therapies and other services that have proven effective against it. HIV is now managed as a chronic, long-term disease for many Americans.

Federal efforts are underway to investigate even more effective drug regimens, develop vaccines, and design prevention strategies that can help people from becoming infected. Most are under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health, within HHS.


  • Overview
    Basic overview about treatment and care for HIV/AIDS and a list of general treatment and care information resources.
  • Basic Health and Nutrition Tips
    A listing of resources related to health and nutrition information for persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Individual Rights and Protections
    A listing of resources related to protecting the rights of individuals living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Individual Assistance
    Resources related to assistance and benefits programs that persons living with HIV/AIDS may be eligible for.
  • Drugs and Treatments
    Resources about treatment of HIV/AIDS including information about types of treatment, tools related to HIV drugs, drug and treatment guidelines and standards, and fact sheets about drugs and treatment.
  • Treatment for Related Diseases
    Resources about treatment for diseases related to HIV/AIDS, including infectious diseases and other health issues such as cancers and neurological complications.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
    Resources about mental health and substance abuse as they related to the treatment and care of HIV/AIDS.
  • Frequent Questions
    Frequent questions asked about the treatment and care for HIV/AIDS.
  • Other Treatment and Care Resources
    Additional resources related the treatment and care for HIV/AIDS.

Last revised: 08/05/2008