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Information Points About E-Government

Information Points about E-Government In the Office of Government wide Policy, Office of Technology Strategy, our mission is to develop, coordinate, and define ways that electronic and information technology business strategies can assist the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), interagency committees and other federal agencies to enhance access and delivery of information and services to citizens, business partners, employees, agencies, and government entities. We all need to be continually mindful of the need to maintain our focus on providing citizen-centered services as we proceed in implementing electronic government.

1. Principles for E-Government
    E-government enables everyone in Government to strive to:
  • Deliver customer-centric services rather than stove-piped Agency-centric processes
  • Demand interoperability across government and with industry partners.
  • Provide common access to Government services and information via government-wide portals that are organized around the needs of communities of customers.
  • Build strong privacy protection, confidentiality, and trust.
  • Adopt commercial products , practices, and standards.
  • Foster strong interagency, inter-organizational, and cross sector leadership to promote the sharing of information and leading practices.
  • Re-engineer paper-based processes to produce results that will dramatically improve service and responsiveness while reducing costs.
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