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Publications Mailing List

How to Subscribe

Receive immediate e-mail notification when new NIST computer security publications (Drafts, FIPS, Special Publications (SPs) and NIST IRs) are made available to the public by subscribing to the NIST computer security publications e-mail list. To subscribe to this list send e-mail to: . In the body of the e-mail message type:

    subscribe compsecpubs your first and last name

For example:
      subscribe compsecpubs John Harris   --  OR --
      subscribe compsecpubs J. Harris

Once you subscribe to the list, you will receive a confirmation letter. You will not be able to post anything to compsecpubs. This is a private and non-interactive list. You will only receive notification whenever a new NIST draft or other computer security publication has been posted to CSRC publications section. Please note - it may be a week or two (possibly more) when you may get an email from the list.

NOTE: If your email system is set up to block spam mail or bulk mailings, or you only receive emails from trusted email addresses or from email addresses on an approved recipient list then you should add Patrick O'Reilly ( to your approval address list. Otherwise you will not get any emails from the compsecpubs list. Mr. Pat O'Reilly is the list administrator and will be the one sending out the emails to compsecpubs. Any bounced emails that get returned to Mr. O'Reilly - those email addresses will be removed from the list.

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe to this list send e-mail to and type in the body of the e-mail message:
     unsubscribe compsecpubs