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This server provides information about activities and services at NIST related to applied mathematics, statistics, and computational science.


GAMS Guide to Available Mathematical Software
An extensive cross-index and virtual repository of mathematical and statistical software.
Matrix Market The Matrix Market
A repository of matrix data for comparative studies of numerical linear algebra algorithms.
NIST/SEMATECH Handbook NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook
A Handbook to help scientists and engineers incorporate statistical methods in their work as efficiently as possible.
Statistical Reference Data Sets Statistical Reference Datasets
A repository of data sets with certified results for objective evaluation of statistical software.
Java JavaNumerics
A focal point for numerical computing in Java.
TOMS Transactions on Mathematical Software
A research journal dedicated to communications concerning mathematical computer programs.
Atomic Reference Data Atomic Reference Data for Electronic Structure
Energies and orbital eigenvalues for various atoms computed by density functional theory. Developed by the NIST Physics Laboratory.
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Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division Mathematical & Computational Sciences Division
providing technical leadership within NIST in modern analytical and computational methods for solving scientific problems of interest to industry.
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Statistical Engineering Division Statistical Engineering Division
catalyzing scientific and industrial research through application of statistical methods to experimentation and data analysis.
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Additional Projects

ACTS Automated Combinatorial Testing for Software
AlgoCEM Time-Domain Algorithms for Computational Electromagnetics
Bayes Bayesian metrology competency project
DLMF Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
f90gl 3D Graphics in Fortran 90 based on OpenGL
Interlab Key comparisons and interlaboratory studies
JazzNet Personal Supercomputing on PC Clusters
OOF Object-Oriented Finite element modeling of complex material microstructures
OOMMF Object-Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework
PHAML Parallel Adaptive Multigrid Methods and Software
QITAP Quantum Information Theory and Practice
Reflectance Computer graphic rendering of material surfaces
RNG Random number generation and testing
SciVis Scientific Visualization
spBLAS Sparse Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
SRMs Certification of Standard Reference Materials
TNT Template Numerical Toolkit for C++

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