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Top 12 Sellers for August 2008

War Surgery in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Series of Cases, 2003-2007

Publisher: Defense Dept., Office of the Surgeon General, Borden Institute

Description: Specialty Volume of Textbooks of Military Medicine. TMM. Edited by Shawn Christian Nessen, Dave Edmond Lounsbury, and Stephen P. Hetz. Foreword by Bob Woodruff. Prepared especially for medical personnel. Provides the fundamental principles and priorities critical in managing the trauma of modern warfare. Contains concise supplemental material for for military surgeons deploying or preparing to deploy to a combat theater.

Year/Pages: 2008: 464 p.; ill.

Price: $71.00 Add To Cart

Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents, 2008

Publisher: Veterans Affairs Dept., Office of Public Affairs

Description: VA Pamphlet 80 0-01. P94663. Measures 9 x 6 in. Describes federal benefits available to veterans and their dependents as of January 1, 2008.

Year/Pages: 2008: 148 p.

Price: $5.00 Add To Cart

The FBI: A Centennial History, 1908-2008 (Hardcover)

Publisher: Justice Dept., Federal Bureau of Investigation

Description: This coffee-table history of the FBI celebrates the agency's 100th anniversary. The book traces the FBI's journey from fledgling startup to one of the most respected and recognized names in national security. It takes you on a walk through the seven key chapters in FBI history: the early formative period; the gangster-driven crime wave of the 1920s and 30s; the anxious age of World War II and the Cold War; the turbulent 60s and its burgeoning civil rights movement; the systemic corruption of the Watergate years; the rise of global terror and crime; and the post 9/11 era. The book includes extensive photographs, including never-before-seen pictures from FBI files.

Year/Pages: 2008: 132 p.; ill.

Price: $30.00 Add To Cart

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 (Paperback)

Publisher: Labor Dept., Labor Statistics Bureau

Description: Labor Statistics Bureau Bulletin 2700. Library ed. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the Handbook describes what workers do on the job, training and education requirements, earnings, and job prospects in hundreds of occupations.

Year/Pages: 2008: 725 p.; ill.

Price: $20.00 Add To Cart

Emergency Response Guidebook, 2008

Publisher: Transportation Dept., Research and Special Programs Administration

Description: Provides a guide to aid first responders in quickly identifying the specific or generic hazards of the materials involved in the incident, and protecting themselves and the general public during the initial response phase of the incident.

Year/Pages: 2008: 372 p.

Price: $7.50 Add To Cart

The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence (Pocket Edition)

Publisher: House

Description: House Document 110-51. In addition to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, this edition includes: an index to the Constitution and its amendments; and a chronology of early dates to remember. 110th Congress, 1st Session.

Year/Pages: 2007: 50 p.

Price: $2.75 Add To Cart

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board, V. 348, August 31, 2006, Through December 29, 2006

Publisher: National Labor Relations Board

Description: Covers Board decisions and orders issued from August 31, 2006 through December 29, 2006.

Year/Pages: 2008: 1396 p.

Price: $83.00 Add To Cart

Census Atlas of the United States (Hardcover)

Publisher: Commerce Dept., Census Bureau

Description: Census 2000 Special Report. By Trudy A. Suchan, et al. Includes maps, figures, and text selected and organized to enhance public understanding of population and housing characteristics of the United States. The Census Atlas is a high-quality reference book, a systematic collection of information emphasizing spatial distribution and patterns from 1790 to 2000. The book takes advantage of the full range of topics from Census 2000, plus historical data that provide temporal context for Census 2000 population and housing results. This is the first general population and housing statistical atlas published by the U.S. Census Bureau since the 1920s.

Year/Pages: 2007: 314 p.; ill.

Price: $165.00 Add To Cart

Handbook of North American Indians, V. 13, Plains, Pt. 1-2 (Two Books)

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution

Description: William C. Sturtevant, General Editor; Raymond J. DeMallie, Volume 13 editor. Describes the prehistory, history, and culture of the aboriginal peoples who lived in the region of tall-grass prairies and short-grass high plains of North America. Note: Preface indicates mistakenly that this is the twelfth volume in a 20 volume set. 2 parts in two books, sold as a set.

Year/Pages: 2001: 2 bks. (1392 p.) ill.

Price: $106.00 Add To Cart

Iran: A Country Study (Hardcover)

Publisher: Library of Congress, Federal Research Division

Description: Area Handbook Series. 5th edition. Edited by Glenn E. Curtis and Eric Hooglund. Offers a concise and objective examination of the dominant historical, geographic, social, economic, political, and military aspects of contemporary Iran. Has 5 chapters on: Historical Setting; The Society and its Environment (covers geography, population, social systems, education, health, and welfare); The Economy (focuses on overview and sectorial analyses); Government and Politics (covers political institutions, political dynamics, and foreign policy); and National Security (covers military institutions and regional and national security problems/issues).

Year/Pages: 2008: 402 p.; ill.

Price: $32.00 Add To Cart

Craters of the Moon: A Guide to Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

Publisher: Interior Dept., National Park Service, Division of Publications

Description: Handbook 139. Official National Park Handbook. Publication measures 9 x 6 in. Part 1 introduces the park and recounts its early exploration. Part 2 explores how life has adapted to the park's volcanic landscape, and how people have perceived it. Part 3 presents concise travel guide and reference materials for touring the park and for camping. Craters of the Moon is in Idaho. L.C. card 89-13670CIP. Previously listed incorrectly under ISBN 0-16-026358-1.

Year/Pages: 1991: 64 p.; ill.

Price: $8.50 Add To Cart

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