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Science & Technology
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Chemical Science

The Department of Energy’s Office of Science provides support in the broad chemical sciences for basic research in atomic, molecular and optical science; chemical physics; photochemistry; radiation chemistry; physical chemistry; inorganic chemistry; organic chemistry; analytical chemistry; separation science; heavy element chemistry; geochemistry; geophysics; and physical biosciences. 

This research seeks to understand chemical reactivity through studies of the interactions of atoms, molecules, and ions with photons and electrons; the making and breaking of chemical bonds in the gas phase, in solutions, at interfaces, and on surfaces; and energy transfer processes within and between molecules. 

Ultimately, this research leads to the development of such advances as efficient combustion systems with reduced emissions of pollutants; new solar photo conversion processes; improved catalysts for clean and efficient production of fuels and chemicals; and better separations and analytical methods for applications in energy processes, environmental remediation, and waste management. 

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