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What Challenges Are Boys Facing and What Opportunities Exist to Address Those Challenges?  Project Page, August 2008  (Posted 09/12/08)

Examining the Relationships between Excess Body Weight, Health and Disability, May 2008.  (Posted 08/22/08)

Addressing the Needs of Victims of Human Trafficking: Challenges, Barriers, and Promising Practices, August 2008.  (Posted 08/08/08)

How Oklahoma Laid the Foundation for Its Marriage Initiative: Putting Marriage on the Agenda, July 2008.  (Posted 08/08/08)

Marriage Education, Financial Literacy, and Asset Development Roundtable:  Meeting Summary, July 2008.  (Posted 08/08/08)

The Marriage Measures Guide of State-Level Statistics, March 2008.  (Posted 08/08/08)

Child Care Eligibility and Enrollment Estimates for Fiscal Year 2005, June 2008.  (Posted 07/28/08)

Child Care Arrangements in Urban and Rural Areas, June 2008.  (Posted 07/28/08)

A Framework for Evaluating Quality Transparency Initiatives in Health Care, April 2008.  (Posted 07/23/08)

The Effect of Health Care Cost Growth on the U.S. Economy, September 2007.  (Posted 07/23/08)

Overview of the Uninsured in the United States:  An Analysis of the 2007 Current Population Survey, Research Brief, 2007.  (Posted 07/15/08)

Starting Early:  How the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Helps Schools Prepare Young People for Healthy Marriages, Research Brief, June 2008.  (Posted 07/14/08)

Childless Elderly Beneficiaries’ Use and Costs of Medicare Services:  Final Report, June 2006.  (Posted 07/03/08)

Innovations in Effective Compassion:  Compendium of Research Papers Presented at the Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Conference on Research, Outcomes, and Evaluation, June 2008.  (Posted 06/26/08)

Case Management and the Victim of Human Trafficking:  A Critical Service for Client Success, June 2008.  (Posted 06/26/08)

Changes in Coverage in the Individual and Group Health Insurance Markets and the Effect of Health Status, April 2008.  (Posted 06/20/08)

Advance Directives and Advance Care Planning:  Legal and Policy Issues, October 2007.  (Posted 06/13/08)

Advance Directives and Advance Care Planning for People with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities, October 2007.  (Posted 06/06/08)

Examining Relationships in an Integrated Hospital System, March 2008.  (Posted 05/19/08)

Home Health Aide (HHA) Partnering Collaborative Evaluation: Final Report, September 2007.  (Posted 05/16/08)

Ten Key Findings from Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives, February 2008.  (Posted 05/15/08)

The National Evaluation of the Responsible Fatherhood, Marriage, and Family Strengthening Grants for Incarcerated and Re-Entering Fathers and their Partners, Research Brief, March 2008.  (Posted 05/09/08)

UI as a Safety Net for Former TANF Recipients, March 2008.  (Posted 05/07/08)

Modeling the Decision to Purchase Private Long-Term Care Insurance, January 2007.  (Posted 04/28/08)

Residential Care and Assisted Living Compendium: 2007, November 2007.  (Posted 04/11/08)

Coming of Age:  Employment Outcomes for Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care Through Their Middle Twenties, March 2008.  (Posted 04/09/08)

The Enhanced Services for the Hard-to-Employ (HtE) Demonstration and Evaluation:  Project Page.  (Posted 04/08/08)

Determinants of Asset Building, March 2008.  (Posted 04/04/08)

Treating the Hidden Wounds:  Trauma Treatment and Mental Health Recovery for Victims of Human Trafficking, March 2008.  (Posted 03/31/08)

Developmental Status and Early Intervention Service Needs of Maltreated Children, April 2008.  (Posted 03/28/08)

Assessment of the Uses and Users of Healthier US and Healthy People 2010, September 2005.  (Posted 03/26/08)

More about the Dads:  Exploring Associations between Nonresident Father Involvement and Child Welfare Case Outcomes, March 2008.  (Posted 03/24/08)

Evolving Roles of Public and Private Agencies in Privatized Child Welfare Systems, March 2008.  (Posted 03/18/08)

Characteristics and Dynamics of Homeless Families with Children, March 2008.  (Posted 03/06/08)

Evaluation of the Collaborative Initiative to Help End Chronic Homelessness, March 2008.  (Posted 03/06/08)

Medicaid-Financed Nursing Home Services: Characteristics of People Served and Their Patterns of Care, 2001-2002, January 2008.  (Posted 02/21/08)

Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking:  Inherent Challenges and Promising Strategies from the Field, January 2008.  (Posted 02/11/08)

A Profile of Medicaid Institutional and Community-Based Long-Term Care Service Use and Expenditures Among the Aged and Disabled Using MAX 2002:  Final Report, January 2008.  (Posted 02/08/08)

Toward Understanding Homelessness:  The 2007 National Symposium on Homelessness Research,  September 2007.  (Posted 01/23/08)

Performance Measurement in the Hospital Outpatient Setting,  December 2007.  (Posted 01/17/08)

Short-Term Fixes to the Sustainable Growth Rate Process, October 2007.  (Posted 01/11/08)

Evaluation of Selected Aspects of the National Medicare Education Program:  Final Design Report, September 2007.  (Posted 1/11/08)

An Environmental Scan of Pay for Performance in the Hospital Setting:  Final Report, November 2007.  (Posted 01/11/08)

Contribution of Self-Direction to Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services, November 2007.  (Posted 01/11/08)

Health Information Exchange in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Case Study Findings:  Final Report, September 2007.  (Posted 01/11/08)

Expert Meeting on Disease Management Outcomes Measurement, January 2008.  (Posted 01/04/08)

Posted in 2007

The Balance Sheets of Low-Income Households:  What We Know about Their Assets and Liabilities, November 2007.  (Posted 12/21/07)

Program and Fiscal Design Elements of Child Welfare Privatization Initiatives, December 2007.  (Posted 12/13/07)

HHA Partnering Collaborative Evaluation:  Practice/Research Brief, September 2007.  (Posted 12/07/07)

Emerging Issues in Paternity Establishment:  Symposium Summary, September 2007.  (Posted 11/30/2007)

Using Vouchers to Deliver Social Services:  Considerations Based on the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program Experiences, November 2007.  (Posted 11/20/2007)

Taxonomy of Health Information Technology Functions  (Posted 11/16/2007)
Taxonomy of Health Information Technology in Nursing Homes and Home Health Agencies — Report A:  Review by Representatives from Standards Development Organizations, August 2007
Taxonomy of Health Information Technology in Nursing Homes — Report B:  Review by Representatives from Nursing Homes and Vendors, August 2007
Taxonomy of Health Information Technology in Home Health Agencies — Report C:  Review by Representatives from Home Health Agencies and Vendors, August 2007

Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) Workforce Study:  Final Report.  (Posted 11/13/07)

Call for Abstracts for the White House Conference on Research Related to the Faith-Based and Community Initiative.  (Posted 11/05/07)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Strategic Plan, FY 2007-2012, October 2007.  (Posted 10/31/07)

Literature Review on Advance Directives, June 2007.  (Posted 10/26/07)

Gauging the Use of HCBS Supports Waivers for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Final Project Report, April 2007.  (Posted 10/26/07)

Draft Guidance on Allocating and Targeting Pandemic Influenza Vaccine, October 2007.  (Posted 10/25/07)

Assessing Asset Data on Low-Income Households: Current Availability and Options for Improvement, September 2007.  (Posted 10/11/07)

The Effects of Welfare and IDA Program Rules on the Asset Holdings of Low-Income Families, September 2007.  (Posted 10/11/07)

National Center for Marriage Research:  Announcement of Award for FY 2007.  September 2007.  (Posted 10/02/07)

National Poverty Center:  Announcement of Award for FY 2007.  September 2007.  (Posted 10/01/07)

Personalized Health Care Expert Panel Meeting: Summary Report, September 2007.  (Posted 09/28/07)

Poor Finances:  Assets and Low-Income Households, September 2007.  (Posted 09/28/07)

Toward an Evaluation of the Quality Improvement Organization Program:  Beyond the 8th Scope of Work, January 2007.  (Posted 09/25/07)

Finding a Path to Recovery:  Residential Facilities for Minor Victims of Domestic Sex Trafficking, September 2007.  (Posted 09/20/07)

Child Welfare Privatization Initiatives:  Assessing Their Implications for the Child Welfare Field and for Federal Child Welfare Programs.  Topical Papers:  (Posted 09/17/07)

Medicaid Billings for IDEA Services:  Analysis and Policy Implications of Site Visit Results.  (Posted 09/18/07)

Partners for Fragile Families Demonstration Projects:  Employment and Child Support Outcomes and Trends, September 2007.  (Posted 09/14/07)

How Risky is Individual Health Insurance?, May 2007.  (Posted 09/07/07)

Economic Patterns of Single Mothers Following Their Poverty Exits, June 2007.  (Posted 08/31/07)

Impacts of the Heritage Keepers® Life Skills Education Component, August 2007.  (Posted 08/29/07)

Assessing Child Support Arrears in Nine Large States and the Nation, July.  (Posted 08/09/07)

Prescription Drug Utilization and Spending by Medicare Beneficiaries:  (Posted 08/03/2007)

Indicators of Welfare Dependence, Annual Report to Congress, 2007.  (Posted 07/31/07)

Child Care Subsidies in Urban and Rural Counties, July 2007.  (Posted 07/30/07)

A Study of Stroke Post-Acute Care Costs and Outcomes:  Final Report, December 2006.  (Posted 07/10/07)

Voices of Young Fathers:  The Partners for Fragile Families Demonstration Projects, June 2007.  (Posted 07/05/07)

Announcement of the Availability of Funds and Request for Applications to Establish a National Center for Marriage Research, July 2007.  (Posted 07/03/07)

The Implementation of the Partners for Fragile Families Demonstration Projects, June 2007.  (Posted 07/02/07)

Analysis of the Characteristics of Medicare Advantage Plan Participation, June 2006.  (Posted 06/28/07)

TRIM3 Simulations of Full-Year Uninsured Children and their Eligibility for Medicaid and SCHIP, June 2007.  (Posted 06/22/07)

The Effects of Marriage on Health:  A Synthesis of Recent Research Evidence, June 2007.  (Posted 06/19/07)

Developmental Problems of Maltreated Children and Early Intervention Options for Maltreated ChildrenLiterature Review, April 2007.  (Posted 06/15/07)

Following an Admissions Cohort: Care Management, Claim Experience and Transitions among an Admissions Cohort of Privately Insured Disabled Elders over a 16 Month Period, May 2007.  (Posted 06/15/07)

Cost-effectiveness Considerations in the Approval and Adoption of New Health Technologies, January 2007.  (Posted 06/15/07)

Understanding Variations in International Drug Prices, July 2006.  (Posted 06/14/07)

Risk Pooling and Regulation in Today's Individual Health Insurance Market, December 2006.  (Posted 06/01/07)

Effect of State Community Rating Regulations on Premiums and Coverage in the Individual Health Insurance Market, August 2006.  (Posted 06/01/07)

Announcement of the availability of funds and request for applications for a cooperative agreement(s) to establish a National Poverty Research Center.  (Posted 05/30/07)

Final Report on the "Own Your Future" Consumer Survey, November 2006.  (Posted 05/18/07)

Development of an Assistive Technology and Environmental Assessment Instrument for National Surveys:  Final Report, December 2005.  (Posted 05/18/07)

Opportunities to Improve Survey Measures of Late-Life Disability, September 2006.  (Posted 05/18/07)

Standardizing the MDS with LOINC and Vocabulary Matches, April 2007.  (Posted 05/11/07)

Framework for Identifying High-Impact Interventions to Promote Reductions in Late-Life Disability, September 2006.  (Posted 05/11/07)

Analysis of Supply, Distribution, Demand, and Access Issues Associated with Immune Globulin Intravenous (IGIV), February 2007.  (Posted 05/09/07)

Marital and Unmarried Births to Men:  Complex Patterns of Fatherhood, Evidence from the National Survey of Family Growth, 2002. April 2007.  (Posted 05/09/07)

Obesity and American Indians/Alaska Natives, April 2007.  (Posted 05/04/07)

Nursing Home Divestiture and Corporate Restructuring:  Final Report, December 2006.  (Posted 04/27/07)

From Prison to Home:  The Effect of Incarceration on Children, Families, and Communities, Conference Report. January 2002.  (Posted 04/26/07)

Papers for the National Policy Conference for the From Prison to Home Project, January 2002:

Report on Health Information Exchange in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care, February 2007.  (Posted 04/20/07)

Enhancing Child Support Enforcement Efforts:  Summary of Data Warehouse Efforts in Nine States, Final Report, October 2006.  (Posted 04/18/07)

Enhancing Child Support Enforcement Efforts Through Improved Use of Information on Debtor Income, Final Report, October 2006.  (Posted 04/17/07)

Impacts of Four Title V, Section 510 Abstinence Education Programs, Final Report, April 2007.  (Posted 04/13/07)

Service Use and Transitions: Decisions, Choices and Care Management among an Admissions Cohort of Privately Insured Disabled Elders, December 2006.  (Posted 04/13/07)

Does High Caregiver Stress Lead to Nursing Home Entry?, January 2007.  (Posted 04/13/07)

Compendium of Home Modification and Assistive Technology Policy and Practice Across the States, October 2006.  (Posted 04/13/07)

Using Vouchers to Deliver Social Services:  Learning from the Goals, Uses, and Key Elements of Existing Federal Voucher Programs, March 2007.  (Posted 04/03/07)

Assessing the Economics of EMR Adoption and Successful Implementation in Physician Small Practice Settings, March 2007.  (Posted 03/27/07)

Consumer Control of Electronic Personal Health Information:  What Does It Mean? Why Is It Important?, March 2007.  (Posted 03/26/07)

Gaps and Strategies for Improving AI/AN/NA Data:  Final Report, January 2007.  (Posted 03/23/07)

Nursing Home Selection:  How Do Consumers Choose?, December 2006.  (Posted 03/23/07)

Research and Practice Symposium on Marriage and Incarceration:  A Meeting Summary. January 2007.  (Posted 03/06/07)

Strategic Action Plan on Homelessness, March 2007  (Posted 03/05/07)

Gauging the Use of HCBS Support Waivers for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities:  Profiles of State Supports Waivers, October 2006.  (Posted 03/02/07)

Affordable Housing Plus Services for Low and Modest-Income Older Adults:  (Posted 03/02/07)

An Overview of Recent Work on Standard Budgets in the United States and Other Anglophone Countries, January 2007.  (Posted 01/31/07)

Continuation of Drug Risk Adjustment:  Final Report, December 2006.  (Posted 01/30/07)

Alternative Risk-Adjustment Approaches to Assessing the Quality of Home Health Care:  Final Report, July 2006.  (Posted 01/19/07)

Physician Practices in Nursing Homes:  Final Report, April 2006.  (Posted 01/17/07)

Data on Health and Well-being of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Other Native Americans, Data Catalog, December 2006.  (Posted 01/12/07)

The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative:  An Overview of the Longest-Running Statewide Marriage Initiative in the U.S., December 2006.  (Posted 01/04/07)

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