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Cross Agency Collaboration

Instructions on How to Log Into the Ecco collaboration tool.

In its effort to promote standardization and reuse of agency business functions and IT services, the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Program Management Office (PMO) initiated the CORE.gov collaboration environment in 2004 for development of service-oriented components. Cited in the 2005 – 2006 FEA PMO Action Plan, our collaborative community will help program managers, enterprise and data architects, and other government stakeholders to capitalize on opportunities to:

How Does the CORE.gov Collaborative Tool Serve You and FEA Goals?

Our collaborative environment is here to promote federal inter-agency and intra-agency as well as vertical (federal, state, and local) project integration to avoid reinventing the wheel and duplicating enterprise and architectural component development.

Using a centralized role-based permissions model, password authentication, and secure extranet, we enable users to select their level of workspace visibility. You can open your project to any CORE.gov users — or confine access to an identified team of users. Note that upon sponsorship by a government organization, contractors are welcome to participate in collaborative projects on CORE.gov.

Federated Collaboration

Our collaboration environment expands the communities already in place, such as the virtual Wiki Collab Community pages, that benefit government users and others in building components together. See our Cross-Agency Collaboration In Focus page that lists and links FEA-related collaborative projects on the Wiki Home Page.

To find out more: Go to the Core.gov Community page

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