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National Security
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National Security

The Department has four overriding National Security priorities:  insuring the integrity and safety of the country's nuclear weapons; promoting international nuclear safety; advancing nuclear non-proliferation; and, continuing to provide safe, efficient, and effective nuclear power plants for the United States Navy.

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Cyber Security Protection
Cyber Security programs protect the information and systems that the Department depends on as DOE increasingly relies on new technology. The Department works to preserve the integrity, reliability, availability, and confidentiality of important information while maintaining its information systems.

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Managing Operations Security
Managing security operations for DOE facilities in the national capitol area, as well as, developing policies designed to protect national security and other critical assets entrusted to the Department is an important responsibility.

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Preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction
DOE plays an integral part in nuclear nonproliferation, countering terrorism and responding to incidents involving weapons of mass destruction.   We provide technology, analysis, and expertise to aid the United States government in preventing the spread or use of weapons of mass destruction.


Last Updated: 6/26/2008


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