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GAMS Search in Module Abstracts

This form allows you to search for text in the abstracts of individual modules. In general, Search By Problem is a much more reliable way to find things in GAMS, so use this text search form only as a last resort.

See below for instructions on how to use the form.

Search for

Words joined by : AND OR

Word matching : Full Partial

Limit on matches :

Show matched lines : Yes No (Yes is slower)


The search engine underlying this form is Glimpse.

Search Patterns

Allowable patterns consist of a sequence of words separated by blanks. Words must only contain alphanumeric characters. The character * can be used as a wildcard; it matches any number, including 0, of arbitrary characters. Each word must have at least two alphanumeric characters.

ANDs and ORs

AND means that only modules whose abstracts contain all of the words in the pattern are to be selected. OR means that only one of the given words needs to be found in the abstract for its module to be selected.

Full or Partial Word Matching

Full means that the words in the search pattern must match complete words in the text (that is, the word in the text must be surrounded by nonalphanumeric characters). Partial matching treats the words as sequences of characters which are matched anywhere they appear in the text. For example, in full word search, the pattern "function" would not match the word "functions" in the text, but in partial word matching it would.

Limit on matches

This provides a rudimentary means for avoiding huge retrievals. It specifies the maximum number of modules that can be retrieved as part of the search process. It must be more than 0 and less than 251. It only applies when showing matched lines (see below).

Show matched lines

By default, lines containing the words in the search pattern are displayed for each match. The search proceeds much faster if this is not done, but it is more difficult to judge which of the retrieved modules are what you expected.

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