Guide to Available Math Software

GAMS, the Guide to Available Mathematical Software, is a cross-index and virtual repository of mathematical and statistical software useful in science and engineering. For more information see background on the Gams project.


New! Improved! Slight UI improvements, and finally using the Jar format, so it should startup quicker.

HotGAMS is our Java(TM) powered GAMS client. Taking advantage of Java allows us to improve interactivity in conducting searches or exploring the problem hierarchy. We are particularly interested in is the situation where many similar, but not identical, pieces of software appear to meet the user's criterion. This issue of `refining' the search will be the subject of further research, with HotGAMS serving as the testbed - watch for future versions.

Currently two variations on the theme are operational; They both require a Java enabled browser. They differ essentially in how they present the main interaction window, and where the URL's (for documentation, subroutine sources, etc) are displayed in the browser.

 o HotGAMS. This version appears on its own web page and displays URL's on the `next' page.
 o HotGAMS in a Frame. A compact HotGAMS that appears within a Netscape(TM) Frame, the URL's are displayed in a separate frame on the same window. This allows you to select a sequence of URL's while keeping the HotGAMS applet visible and operational.
The above versions are `generic'; I have an address-hacked version that solves some problems for users behind firewalls. However, it does not work under Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you have trouble with the above versions and are in a firewall protected intranet, try this version: HotGAMS behind firewall.

Java promises a lot; platform-independence, etc, but it is still a little rough around the edges. If you are experiencing problems with HotGAMS you might want to check these notes to see if you should update your browser, or report a problem to us.

If you are interested in various tools and widgets developed for HotGAMS, see my Java page.

Created by Bruce Miller Disclaimer.