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       N e w s   f r o m   t h e   G A M S   P r o j e c t

As of 14 September 2001 GAMS catalogs ...

           4 repository sites
         111 packages
        8792 problem-solving modules

Recent Additions to GAMS  (14 Sep 2001)

  ELLIPGRID : Added routine for generating two-dimensional boundary-fitted
       NAGC : Added Mark 6 of the NAG C Library
TRANSFINITE : Added routines for generating two-dimensional boundary-fitted

Recent Additions to GAMS  (20 May 2000)

      NAG : Updated to Mark 19 of the NAG Fortran Math Library

Recent Additions to GAMS  (30 Nov 1998)

    IMSLM : Updated to Version 3 of the IMSL Fortran Math Library

      NAG : Updated to Mark 18 of the NAG Fortran Math Library

Recent Additions to GAMS  (5 Apr 1996)

 STOPWATCH : Fortran 90 module for timing code segments.  Developed
             by W. Mitchell.

   SPBLASC : Sparse Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms in C. Developed
             by K. Remington.

      HBIO : C procedures for input and output of sparse matrices in
             Harwell-Boeing Exchange format. Developed by K. Remington
             and R. Pozo.

Recent Additions to GAMS  (4 Aug 1995)

     IML++ : C++ templated library of modern iterative methods for
	     solving symmetric and nonsymmetric linear systems.
	     Templates allow the same source code to work for dense,
	     sparse, and distributed matrices. Includes Richardson
	     and Chebyshev Iteration, Conjugate Gradient, Conjugate
	     Gradient Squared (CGS), BiConjugate Gradient (BiCG),
	     BiConjugate Gradient Stabilized (BiCGSTAB), Generalized
	     Minimum Residual (GMRES), and Quasi-Minimal Residual
	     (QMR) without lookahead.  Developed by J. Dongarra, A. 
             Lumsdaime, R. Pozo and K. Remington.

SPARSELIB++: C++ class library for sparse matrix computation.
	     Includes matrix classes in several storage formats
	     (e.g.  compressed row, compressed column, coordinate),
	     and basic management utilities.  Uses Sparse BLAS
	     Toolkit for kernel operations (e.g.  matrix-vector
	     multiply) to enhance portability and performance on wide
	     range of architectures. Includes common preconditioners
	     for iterative solvers. Developed by A. Lumsdaime, R.
	     Pozo and K. Remington.

      MV++ : A small, efficient, set of concrete vector and simple
	     matrix classes for numerical computing. It is not
	     intended as a general vector container class, but rather
	     designed specifically for optimized numerical
	     computations on RISC and pipelined architectures. It is
	     one step above a C/C++ array. Developed by R. Pozo.

Recent Additions to GAMS  (10 Mar 1995)

  DIFFPACK : A set of object-oriented libraries for solving partial
	     differential equations, and several Unix utilities for
	     general software management and numerical programming.
	     Aimed at rapid prototyping of simulators based on PDEs,
	     while still offering high efficiency. Implemented in
	     C++, the libraries are organized into several layers:
	     Basic Tools, Linear Algebra Tools, Dp Kernel, Dp
	     Utilities, and Dp Applications. (See class I2)

Recent Additions to GAMS  (8 Jan 1995)

  CLAPACK : Basic linear algebra package in C.  Contains 598 user-
	    callable procedures for linear systems of equations,
	    eigenvalue problems, and related decompositions.  (This
	    is an f2c-based translation of LAPACK.)

  CBLAS : A C version of the basic linear algebra subprograms (BLAS)
          upon which CLAPACK is based.

Recent Additions to GAMS  (2 Dec 1994)

  MINSURF : Fortran programs for the minimum surface problem by Robert
            Renka. (See package A or class P.)

  RKSUITE.F90 : A Fortran-90 implementation of RKSUITE, a set of codes
                for the initial value problem for a first order system 
                of ordinary differential equations, by Brankin, Gladwell,
                and Shampine.  (See package ODE or class I1a1a.)

  CVODE : A C implementation of VODE, software the initial value problem 
          for stiff or nonstiff nonlinear systems of first order ordinary
          differential equations, by Cohen and Hindmarsh.  (See package
          ODE or class I1a2.)

  CLAWPACK : Fortran software for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws 
             in one and two space dimensions by Randy LeVeque.  (See
             package PDES or class I2a2.)

  GEMM-Based Level 3 BLAS : Basic matrix-matrix operations designed to be 
             highly efficient on machines with a memory hierarchy, by
             Kagstrom, Ling and Van Loan.  (See package BLAS or class D1b.)

  LAPACK : Fortran linear algebra package, updated to Version 2.

  NAG : Multipurpose Fortran mathematical software library, updated to
        Mark 16.

GAMS on the World Wide Web  (9 Mar 1994)

An HTTP/GAMS gateway providing access to most GAMS facilities for
users of the World Wide Web is now available.  This can be accessed
using most WWW browsers, including Mosaic.  To do so, open the URL

GAMS Clients Available  (11 Feb 1994)

The two principal user interfaces to GAMS, gams (the command-line
interface) and xgams (the X11 Motif interface), are now available
for retrieval by anonymous FTP from enh.nist.gov.  Each of these 
programs is a client of the GAMS server on gams.nist.gov. That is, 
they query the GAMS server in real-time (using socket-based TCP/IP 
communication) to obtain GAMS information.  Frequent users of gams
and xgams are encouraged to obtain copies of these programs to run
on their own workstations, as they will exhibit better performance
than using the existing gams and xgams accounts on gams.nist.gov.

A source distribution suitable for most Unix systems is available, 
and separate binary distributions for Hewlett-Packard, IBM RISC,
Silicon Graphics, and Sun workstations are provided.  To obtain
then retrieve the README file in the gams subdirectory and follow
the directions found there.  For example :

   ftp enh.nist.gov
     user anonymous
     cd gams
     get readme

GAMS Command-line Interface Improves Syntax  (20 Dec 1993)

Several new features have been added to the command-line interface to
GAMS.  Among these are :

(a) Search by Name

    You may now search for software by module or package name.  A new
    command, NAME, has been added to facilitate this.  Type  ? search
    in gams for details.

(b) Quick-view Module Lists

    When searching for modules in a given problem class or by name
    you will now first view a list of package names, module names,
    and very brief descriptions.  (Previously one could only view
    individual module abstracts.)

(c) Easier Module Abstract Selection

    When presented with a module list you may now view the abstract
    of any module in the list by simply typing its index number.
    (Previously one could only view them in order.)

A variety of additional changes have been made.  Type ? at any time
in gams for suggestions about what to do next.

GAMS Host Goes Online  (20 Dec 1993)

A Sun SPARCstation 10 Model 51 was recently put into service as the
host for the GAMS system.  Among the services provided are:

  (a) Primary host for the GAMS server.
  (b) Anonymous gams access.
  (c) Anonymous xgams access.

To use the anonymous GAMS access accounts, telnet to gams.nist.gov
( and login as gams (for the command-line interface) or
xgams (for the X11 graphical user interface).

The system was purchased with a Pioneer Fund grant from the US
Department of Commerce.

GAMS Improves netlib Coverage  (24 Jan 1994)

netlib is a large collection of public-domain software and related
information which is made available on the Internet as a service by
Oak Ridge National Laboratory and AT&T Bell Laboratories.  Software
in netlib may be requested by sending specially-formatted mail
requests to netlib@ornl.gov or netlib@research.att.com.

GAMS now includes information about 1854 software modules in 42
packages featured on netlib.  GAMS retrieves items from netlib using
a direct link to Oak Ridge.  You may preview them in GAMS and obtain
copies for your own use.

For further information on netlib, send the message 

  send index

to one of the e-mail addresses given above.

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