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El Niño animations and Graphics

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Current El Niño animation
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Latest El Niño data
Animations Comparison of this El Niño with previous El Niños 
Realtime data from buoys in the tropical Pacific Ocean
Pacific sea surface temperature ... from many Climate Diagnostics Center
Model oceanic changes in the 1982-83 El Niño
3D El Nino Animations  ...from Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory New Link!
Graphics Realtime graphics ... from many sources

Climate data ... from many sources
El Niño Visualizations  ...from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
El Niño Watch  ... from NOAA West Coast CoastWatch Regional Node
El Niño Visualizations  ...from the National Center for Atmospheric Research
Realtime El Nino visualizations ...from Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
NOAA Wave Watch ... Operational wave models from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

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Last updated: May 2, 2001