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Over 10 years 154 federal agencies and 8000 federal staff have used to share data via the Internet..
The President, Congress and the Public can access this information here.
Public Sites    
      Federal Advisory Committee Act  (FACA)  
      Chief Financial Officer's Council Metric Tracking System
      Department of Homeland Security - Advance Acquisition Plans
Government-wide Sites   
      Federal Advisory Committee Act  (FACA)

      Financial Information Progress System (FIPS)

      Financial Management Systems Inventory (FMSI)

      Metric Tracking Systems (MTS)
      Federal Transition Framework (FTF)
Agency Sites 
      General Services Administration (GSA)
      Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
      Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Other Government Sites  
      XML Gov    Overseas Basing Comm   Antitrust Modernization Comm
ET Gov         StratML      Help Comm    FEAMS.Gov   Heavy Lift
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