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:: Hearings ::

• (March 13, 2008) - NASA’s Science Programs: Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request and Issues
• (March 11, 2008) - NIST’s FY 2009 Budget Request: What Are the Right Technology Investments to Promote US Innovation and Competitiveness?
• (March 6, 2008) - The Department of Homeland Security’s R&D Budget Priorities for Fiscal Year 2009
 (March 5, 2008) - The Department of Energy Fiscal Year 2009 Research and Development Budget Proposal
• (February 26, 2008) - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Proposal and GAO’s Report on the Aviation Weather Service
• (February 26, 2008) - Oversight of the National Science Foundation
•(February 14, 2008) - Funding for the America COMPETES Act in the FY2009 Administration Budget Request
• (February 13, 2008) - NASA’s Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request
• (February 14, 2007) - The Administration's FY2008 Research and Development Budget Proposal
• (February 16, 2006) - NASA's Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Proposal
•(February 15, 2006) - An Overview of the Federal R&D Budget for Fiscal Year 2007

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• Fiscal Year 2007
• Fiscal Year 2006
• Fiscal Year 2005
• Fiscal Year 2004
• Fiscal Year 2003

:: Press Releases ::

• (March 13, 2008) - Subcommittee Expresses Concern over Budgetary Outlook for NASA Science Programs 
• (March 11, 2008) - Subcommittee Reviews NIST’s FY09 Budget Request
• (March 6, 2008) - Subcommittee Reviews DHS Budget Priorities for FY09
• (March 5, 2008) - Subcommittee Examines DOE FY09 Budget Proposal
• (February 26, 2008) - Subcommittee Examines FY09 NOAA Budget; Releases GAO Report on Effectiveness of U.S. Aviation Weather Services
• (February 26, 2008) - Baird, Subcommittee Members Examine Priorities Outlined in the National Science Foundation’s FY09 Budget
• (February 13, 2008) - Committee Examines FY09 NASA Budget
• (February 4, 2008) -
Gordon on President’s FY09 Budget: Plan Shortchanges U.S. Competitiveness Efforts
• (February 5, 2007) - Gordon on President's FY08 Budget: Lacks Priorities, Consistency to Ensure U.S. Competitiveness
• (March 6, 2006) - Science Democrats Highlight Inadequacy of Administration's Commitment to Science, Competitiveness in Budget • (February 14, 2006) - Administration Budget Not All 'Roses' for Science
• (February 7, 2006) - Gordon on the FY07 Science Budget: The Devil is in the Details

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Committee on Science, Democratic Caucus

Tracking R&D Funding :: March 16, 2007

"No bucks, no Buck Rogers."

A line from the movie adaption of Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff, it is a reminder that scientific progress and the resulting benefits to the U.S. economy and society depend critically on adequate and steady funding support for science and technology. Each year, the Committee evaluates the President's budget proposals for the major science agencies and programs of the federal government. They provide advice to the Committee on the Budget as it prepares the Budget Resolution. They work with the Committee on Appropriations to assure that funds are allocated to support the Nation's priorities in research and development.

Cover from the Fiscal Year 2007 Federal BudgetR&D in the Budget Process

During the past decade, the Committee has sought consistently to make Congress and the public aware of the critical importance of science and technology. With the release of the President's budget proposal each year, the Committee has evaluated the plans for research and development spending to determine whether the nation will continue to benefit from the improvements in economic productivity made possible by scientific and technological progress. Committee Members recognize that the global economy will put a premium on innovation and skilled workers in decades to come. Our priorities must reflect these new realities.

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The Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 2006 Views and Estimates on R&D

Each year, as required by the Congressional Budget Act, the Committee on the Budget prepares a Concurrent Resolution on the budget, which sets the guidelines for all Congressional action on spending, taxing and other money measures during a particular year. The Budget Act requires other Committees to provide advice to the Budget Committee, through so-called "Views and Estimates," that discuss the likely impacts from the President's budget proposal or other actions the Committee may take. The Committee has communicated concerns to the Budget Committee many times about the prospects for the American science and technology enterprise; it is interesting to note that recent years have seen these concerns presented in bipartisan terms and echoed from a broader spectrum of interests.

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Appropriating for R&D

While it is the responsibility of the Committee on Science & Technology to authorize agencies such as NASA or NSF to perform research and development, the decisions on how available funds will be distributed among the Nation's priorities is vested with the Committee on Appropriations. Members of the Committee will continue to pay close attention to the progress of the annual appropriation bills.

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