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Committee on Science and Technology

For Members & Citizens

Below are links to the various areas in this section. We hope to provide you with information that assists with your job and in the learning process.

Link to our collection of information on science and math educationScience Education & You is full of in-depth lesson plans, general resources and fun links! We hope that this section will help you find out even more about learning and teaching Science!

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We've also highlighted sites that offer FREE STUFF on educational topics! It might be faster to check there.

The FACTS on Global Climate Change is designed to provide useful information on the subject. It answers some frequently asked questions, explores the potential impacts of climate changes and explains what Congress and the government are working to do about it.

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Energy Independence Initiative brings together information on the seven pieces of legislation the Science & Technology Committee has contributed to the House Energy Independence Day Initiative.

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Link to our discussion of the innovation debateAction on Innovation highlights the steps Science Democrats are taking to bolster the American economy and improve job prospects for our children.

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Link to our Science is Fun collectionScience is Fun! Take a look at the places we've found on the World Wide Web that get science out of the textbook and show what it can do.

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Tell Your Member When you have an opinion you'd like to share with your Member of Congress, use this page to find out who's representing you. In many cases you can send your message directly.

Web sitemap The Web sitemap will show you the location of all the major sections of this site. Visit this page if you are looking for something specific or if you want to see a map of all the content we provide.

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