Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
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9/18/08 2:00 PM Keeping the Nation Safe through the Presidential Transition

9/17/08 10:00 AM Business Meeting

9/11/08 2:30 PM Nominations

9/11/08 9:00 AM Dividend Tax Abuse: How Offshore Entities Dodge Taxes On U.S. Stock Dividends

9/10/08 2:30 PM Managing the Challenges of the Federal Government Transition

9/10/08 10:00 AM Expediency Versus Integrity: Do Assembly-Line Audits at the Defense Contract Audit Agency Waste Taxpayer Dollars?

9/09/08 3:15 PM Nomination

7/31/08 2:00 PM A Reliance on Smart Power - Reforming the Foreign Assistance Bureuacracy

7/31/08 1:00 PM Joint Hearing (Senate Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery & House Subcommittee on Emergency Communications, Preparedness, and Response) - Lessons Learned: Ensuring the Delivery of Donated Goods to Survivors of Catastrophes

7/31/08 9:30 AM Offline and Off-budget: The Dismal State of Information Technology Planning in the Federal Government

7/30/08 12:00 PM Planning for Post-Catastrophe Housing Needs: Has FEMA Developed an Effective Strategy for Housing Large Numbers of Citizens Displaced by Disaster?

7/30/08 10:15 AM Business Meeting

7/29/08 9:00 AM Payroll Tax Abuse: Businesses Owe Billions and What Needs To Be Done About It

7/25/08 12:00 PM Nomination

7/25/08 9:30 AM Tax Haven Banks and U. S. Tax Compliance

7/24/08 2:30 PM Improving Federal Program Management using Performance Information

7/23/08 2:30 PM Nomination

7/23/08 10:00 AM Information Sharing: Connecting the Dots at the Federal, State, and Local Levels

7/22/08 2:00 PM Improving Performance: A Review of Pay-for-Performance Systems in the Federal Government

7/22/08 9:30 AM Energy Security: An American Imperative

7/17/08 2:30 PM Major Disaster Recovery: Assessing FEMA's Performance Since Katrina

7/17/08 9:30 AM Tax Haven Banks and U. S. Tax Compliance

7/16/08 2:00 PM A Domestic Crisis with Global Implications: Reviewing the Human Capital Crisis at the State Department

7/16/08 10:00 AM The Global Nuclear Detection Architecture: Are We Building Domestic Defenses That Will Make the Nation Safer?

7/15/08 10:00 AM Nomination

7/10/08 9:30 AM The Roots of Violent Islamist Extremism and Efforts to Counter It

7/09/08 10:00 AM Medicare Vulnerabilities: Payments for Claims Tied to Deceased Doctors

7/02/08 10:00 AM Securing the Northern Border: Views from the Front Lines

6/26/08 2:30 PM In the Red: Addressing the Nation's Financial Challenges

6/26/08 10:00 AM Nuclear Terrorism: Providing Medical Care and Meeting Basic Needs in the Aftermath – the Federal Response

6/25/08 10:00 AM Business Meeting

6/24/08 10:30 AM Ending Excessive Speculation in Commodity Markets: Legislative Options

6/20/08 10:00 AM Nomination

6/19/08 2:00 PM Management Challenges Facing the Federal Protective Service: What is at Risk?

6/18/08 10:00 AM Protecting Personal Information: Is the Federal Government Doing Enough?

6/12/08 2:30 PM Addressing the U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Relationship

6/06/08 2:00 PM National Security Bureaucracy for Arms Control, Counterproliferation, and Nonproliferation Part II: The Role of the Department of State

6/05/08 10:30 AM It Takes a Village: Community Preparedness

5/29/08 1:00 PM Non-Foreign COLA: Finding an Equitable Solution

5/22/08 2:30 PM Security Clearance Reform: The Way Forward

5/22/08 11:30 AM Business Meeting

5/20/08 10:30 AM Financial Speculation in Commodity Markets: Are Institutional Investors and Hedge Funds Contributing to Food and Energy Price Inflation?

5/15/08 2:00 PM National Security Bureaucracy for Arms Control, Counterproliferation, and Nonproliferation Part I: The Role of the Department of State

5/15/08 10:00 AM Nuclear Terrorism: Providing Medical Care and Meeting Basic Needs in the Aftermath

5/14/08 3:00 PM National Archives Oversight: Protecting Our Nation’s History for Future Generations

5/14/08 10:00 AM Nomination

5/08/08 4:00 PM Business Meeting

5/08/08 10:00 AM From Candiddates to Change Makers: Recruiting and Hiring the Next Generation of Federal Employees

5/07/08 10:00 AM Fuel Subsidies: Is There an Impact on Food Supply and Prices?

4/29/08 9:30 AM The Impact of Implementation: A Review of the REAL ID Act and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

4/24/08 2:00 PM Beyond Control: Reforming Export Licensing Agencies for National Security and Economic Interests

4/24/08 9:30 AM Addressing Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

4/23/08 2:30 PM Nomination

4/17/08 2:00 PM Focus on Fusion Centers: A Progress Report

4/15/08 3:15 PM Census in Peril: Getting the 2010 Decennial Back on Track, Part II

4/15/08 10:00 AM Nuclear Terrorism: Confronting the Challenges of the Day After

4/10/08 2:00 PM Nominations

4/10/08 10:00 AM Business Meeting

4/03/08 2:00 PM Managing Diversity of Senior Leadership in the Federal Workforce and the Postal Service

4/03/08 10:00 AM The New FEMA: Is the Agency Better Prepared for a Catastrophe Now Than It Was in 2005?

4/02/08 11:00 AM Nuclear Terrorism: Assessing the Threat to the Homeland

3/14/08 10:00 AM On the Path to Great Educational Results for the District's Public Schools?

3/12/08 2:30 PM Agencies in Peril: Are We Doing Enough to Protect Federal IT and Secure Sensitive Information?

3/05/08 2:30 PM The State of the U.S. Postal Service One Year After Reform

3/05/08 9:30 AM Census in Peril: Getting the 2010 Decennial Back on Track

3/04/08 2:30 PM NSPD-54/HSPD-23 and the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative

3/04/08 10:00 AM Is Housing Too Much To Hope For?: FEMA's Disaster Housing Strategy

2/29/08 10:00 AM Government-wide Intelligence Community Management Reforms

2/27/08 10:00 AM An Uneasy Relationship: U.S. Reliance on Private Security Firms in Overseas Operations

2/14/08 1:30 PM The Homeland Security Department’s Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2009

2/14/08 9:45 AM Building and Strengthening the Federal Acquisition Workforce

2/13/08 10:00 AM The Defense Department’s Homeland Security Role: How the Military Can and Should Contribute

1/31/08 2:30 PM Eliminating Agency Payment Errors

1/24/08 2:30 PM Management and Oversight of Contingency Contracting in Hostile Zones

1/24/08 10:00 AM United Nations Development Program: A Case Study Of North Korea

12/19/07 9:30 AM CANCELLED Business Meeting

12/18/07 3:30 PM Nomination

12/13/07 2:00 PM POSTPONED -- RESCHEDULED 1-24-08 United Nations Development Program Operations in North Korea

12/13/07 10:00 AM Prioritizing Management: Implementing Chief Management Officers at Federal Agencies

12/12/07 10:00 AM Nominations

12/11/07 10:00 AM E-Government 2.0: Improving Innovation, Collaboration, and Access

12/11/07 10:00 AM Speculation In the Crude Oil Market

12/04/07 2:30 PM The New Madrid Seismic Zone: Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

12/04/07 9:30 AM Credit Card Practices: Unfair Interest Rate Increases

12/03/07 2:00 PM Host Communities: Analyzing the Role and Needs of Communities that Take in Disaster Evacuees in the Wake of Major Disasters and Catastrophes

11/15/07 2:30 PM * * POSTPONED - RESCHEDULED 12-11-07 * * Speculation In The Crude Oil Market

11/15/07 10:00 AM Not a Matter of "If", But of "When": The Status of U.S. Response Following an RDD Attack

11/14/07 3:30 PM Medicaid Providers That Cheat on Their Taxes and What Can Be Done About It

11/14/07 10:00 AM Business Meeting

11/13/07 10:00 AM Human Capital Needs of the U.S. Customs and Borders Protection

11/09/07 9:00 AM Nominations

11/01/07 2:00 PM Small Business Administration: Is the 7(a) Program Acheiving Measurable Outcomes

10/31/07 2:30 PM Post-Catastrophe Crisis: Addressing the Dramatic Need and Scant Availability of Mental Health Care in the Gulf Coast

10/30/07 9:30 AM The Role of Local Law Enforcement in Countering Violent Islamist Extremism

10/25/07 2:30 PM Single Audits: Are They Helping to Safeguard Federal Funds

10/24/07 10:00 AM Watching the Watch List: Building an Effective Terrorist Screening System

10/23/07 10:00 AM Six Years After Anthrax: Are We Better Prepared to Respond to Bioterrorism?

10/18/07 3:00 PM Nomination

10/18/07 10:00 AM The Perils of Politics in Government: A Review of the Scope and Enforcement of the Hatch Act

10/17/07 10:30 AM Is DHS Too Dependent on Contractors to Do the Government’s Work?

10/16/07 3:15 PM Improving Financial and Business Management at the Department of Defense (DOD)

10/16/07 10:00 AM One Year Later: A Progress Report on the SAFE Port Act

10/11/07 9:00 AM The State and Federal Response to Storm Damage and Erosion in Alaska’s Coastal Villages

10/04/07 2:30 PM Forestalling the Coming Pandemic: Infectious Disease Surveillance Overseas

10/03/07 2:30 PM Pandemic Influenza: State and Local Efforts to Prepare

10/02/07 10:00 AM Preparing the National Capital Region for a Pandemic

9/28/07 10:00 AM The Role of Federal Executive Boards in Pandemic Preparedness

9/27/07 3:30 PM Cost Effective Airlift in the 21st Century

9/26/07 10:00 AM Business Meeting

9/20/07 2:30 PM High Risk IT: Is Poor Management Leading to Billions in Waste?

9/12/07 10:00 AM Nomination

9/10/07 9:30 AM Confronting the Terrorist Threat to the Homeland: Six Years After 9/11

9/06/07 1:30 PM A DHS Status Report: Assessing Challenges and Measuring Progress

8/02/07 10:00 AM Service Standards at the Postal Service: Are Customers Getting What They Paid For?”

8/01/07 2:30 PM Building a Stronger American Diplomatic Presence

8/01/07 10:00 AM Business Meeting

7/31/07 10:00 AM ***POSTPONED*** A DHS Status Report: Measuring Progress and Confronting New Threats

7/25/07 3:00 PM Views from the Postal Workforce on Implementing Postal Reform

7/25/07 10:00 AM Nomination

7/24/07 10:00 AM Nomination

7/19/07 2:30 PM Great Expectations: Assessments, Assurances, and Accountability in the Mayor’s Proposal to Reform the District of Columbia’s Public School System

7/19/07 10:30 AM The Military’s Role in Disaster Response: Progress Since Hurricane Katrina

7/17/07 2:30 PM Preparations for 2010: Is the Census Bureau Ready for the Job Ahead?

7/17/07 10:00 AM Federal Acquisition: Ways to Strengthen Competition and Accountability

7/12/07 2:00 PM Private Sector Preparedness, Part II: Protecting Our Critical Infrastructure

7/12/07 9:00 AM Dirty Bomb Vulnerabilities: Fake Companies, Fake Licenses, Real Consequences

7/11/07 10:00 AM Strengthening the Unique Role of the Nation’s Inspectors General

7/10/07 2:30 PM From Warehouse to Warfighter: an Update on Supply Chain Management at DoD

7/10/07 10:00 AM FEMA's Project Worksheets: Addressing a Prominent Obstacle to Gulf Coast Rebuilding

7/09/07 2:30 PM Excessive Speculation In The Natural Gas Market (Day Two)

6/28/07 3:00 PM Financial Management Systems Modernization at the Department of Homeland Security: Are Missed Opportunities Costing Us Money?

6/27/07 11:30 AM Violent Islamist Extremism: The European Experience

6/25/07 11:00 AM Excessive Speculation In The Natural Gas Market (Day One)

6/21/07 2:00 PM Private Sector Preparedness Part I- Defining the Problem and Proposing Solutions

6/19/07 9:30 AM The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Federal Government: A Model Public-Private Partnership Accelerating Research Toward a Cure

6/13/07 10:00 AM Business Meeting

6/12/07 2:30 PM Assessing Telework Policies and Initiatives in the Federal Government

6/07/07 2:30 PM DHS's Acquisition Organization: Who is Really in Charge?

6/05/07 9:00 AM Executive Stock Options: Should the IRS and Stockholders Be Given Different Information?

5/24/07 3:00 PM The Road Home? An Examination of the Goals, Costs, Management and Impediments Facing Louisiana’s Road Home Program

5/24/07 10:00 AM Federal Real Property: Real Waste in Need of Real Reform

5/22/07 3:00 PM Implementing FEMA Reform: Are We Prepared for the 2007 Hurricane Season?

5/22/07 10:00 AM GAO Personnel Reform: Does It Meet Expectations?

5/21/07 5:30 PM Business Meeting

5/18/07 10:30 AM Up, Up, and Away! Growth Trends in Health Care Premiums for Active and Retired Federal Employees

5/17/07 9:30 AM Evaluating the Progress and Identifying Obstacles in Improving the Federal Government's Security Clearance Process

5/15/07 10:00 AM Equal Representation in Congress: Providing Voting Rights to the District of Columbia

5/10/07 2:30 PM Violent Islamist Extremism: Government Efforts to Defeat It

5/10/07 9:00 AM Managing the Department of Homeland Security: A Status Report on Reform Efforts by the Under Secretary for Management

5/03/07 10:00 AM The Internet: A Portal to Violent Islamist Extremism

5/01/07 9:30 AM Nomination

4/30/07 2:30 PM The Federal Government's Role in Empowering Americans to Make Informed Financial Decisions

4/24/07 2:30 PM Transit Benefits: How Some Federal Employees Are Taking Uncle Sam For A Ride

4/24/07 9:30 AM Beyond Trailers, Part I: Creating a More Flexible, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Federal Disaster Housing Program

4/23/07 2:30 PM Security on America's College Campuses

4/19/07 2:00 PM The Road Ahead: Implementing Postal Reform

4/19/07 9:00 AM Dangerous Exposure: The Impact of Global Warming on Private and Federal Insurance

4/18/07 11:00 AM Business Meeting

4/12/07 2:00 PM GAO’s Analysis of the Gulf Coast Recovery: A Dialogue on Removing Obstacles to the Recovery Effort

3/29/07 10:00 AM Eliminating and Recovering Improper Payments

3/26/07 2:30 PM Understanding the Realities of REAL ID: A Review of Efforts to Secure Drivers' Licenses and Identification Cards

3/22/07 2:30 PM Safeguarding the Merit System Principles: A Review of the Merit Systems Protection Board and the Office of Special Counsel

3/22/07 10:00 AM Deconstructing Reconstruction: Problems, Challenges, and the Way Forward in Iraq and Afghanistan

3/21/07 9:30 AM GAO’s Role in Supporting Congressional Oversight: An Overview of Past Work and Future Challenges and Opportunities

3/20/07 2:30 PM Medicare Doctors Who Cheat On Their Taxes And What Should Be Done About It

3/15/07 10:00 AM Nomination

3/14/07 9:30 AM The Threat of Islamic Radicalism to the Homeland

3/13/07 2:30 PM A Review of U.S. International Efforts to Secure Radiological Materials

3/07/07 10:00 AM Credit Card Practices: Fees, Interest Rates, and Grace Periods

3/05/07 2:30 PM A Review of the Transportation Security Administration Personnel

3/01/07 3:00 PM Improving Federal Financial Management: Progress Made and the Challenges Ahead

2/15/07 9:00 AM Business Meeting

2/13/07 10:00 AM The Homeland Security Department’s Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2008

2/01/07 2:30 PM Private Health Records: Privacy Implications of the Federal Government's Health Information Technology Initiative

1/29/07 9:00 AM Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Outstanding Need, Slow Progress

1/25/07 2:30 PM Lost in Translation: A Review of the Federal Government's Efforts to Develop a Foreign Language Strategy

1/24/07 10:00 AM Business Meeting

1/09/07 9:30 AM Ensuring Full Implementation of the 9/11 Commission’s Recommendations

12/07/06 2:00 PM CANCELLED Business Meeting

12/06/06 3:00 PM Nomination

12/06/06 10:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: Stopping the Flood of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

12/05/06 10:30 AM An Assessment of Improper Payments Information Act of 2002

11/16/06 2:45 PM Business Meeting

11/16/06 10:00 AM The Defense Travel System: Boon Or Boondoggle (Part 2)

11/14/06 2:30 PM Failure to Identify Company Owners Impedes Law Enforcement

11/14/06 10:00 AM Nominations

11/13/06 2:30 PM Nomination

9/28/06 10:00 AM Securing the National Capital Region: An Examination of the NCR's Strategic Plan

9/27/06 10:00 AM The Potential of an Artificial Pancreas: Improving Care for Poeple with Diabetes

9/26/06 2:30 PM Deconstructing the Tax Code: Uncollected Taxes and Issues of Transparency

9/26/06 10:45 AM Executives: Leading the Way in Federal Workforce Reforms

9/20/06 2:30 PM Critical Mission: Assessing Spiral 1.1 of the National Security Personnel System

9/20/06 9:30 AM ** POSTPONED **US International Broadcasts into Iran: Can We Do Better?

9/19/06 10:00 AM Prison Radicalization: Are Terrorist Cells Forming in U.S. Cell Blocks?

9/14/06 2:30 PM Conference Spending Part 2

9/13/06 2:30 PM Nominations

9/12/06 9:30 AM Homeland Security: The Next Five Years

9/07/06 9:30 AM IT Projects at Risk: Is it too late to save $12 Billion?

8/03/06 2:30 PM Financial Management at the Department of Defense

8/02/06 10:00 AM Iraq Reconstruction: Lessons Learned in Contracting

8/01/06 9:00 AM Tax Haven Abuses: The Enablers, The Tools & Secrecy

7/28/06 9:30 AM Cyber Security: Recovery and Reconstitution of Critical Networks

7/27/06 2:30 PM Responsible Resource Management at the Nation’s Health Access Agency

7/27/06 10:00 AM Business Meeting

7/26/06 3:30 PM STOP!: A Progress Report on Protecting and Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights Here and Abroad

7/25/06 11:45 AM Business Meeting

7/25/06 10:00 AM Supporting the Warfighter: Assessing the DoD Supply Chain Management Plan

7/20/06 1:30 PM Iran's Nuclear Impasse: Next Steps

7/19/06 10:00 AM DHS Purchase Cards: Credit Without Accountability

7/18/06 2:30 PM What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: S. 2590, the “Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006

7/18/06 10:00 AM Examining the Challenges the District will Face Today, Tomorrow, and in the Future

7/13/06 2:30 PM Nomination

7/11/06 2:30 PM **POSTPONED**Cyber Security: Recovery and Reconstitution of Critical Networks

7/11/06 10:00 AM Nominations

6/29/06 2:30 PM Community Development Block Grants: the Case for Reform

6/29/06 9:30 AM Enhancing Employee Performance: A Hearing on Pending Legislation

6/28/06 10:00 AM Nominations

6/27/06 10:00 AM The Right People? Oversight of the Office of Personnel Management

6/22/06 2:30 PM Lessons Learned? Assuring Healthy Initiatives in Health Information Technology

6/20/06 2:30 PM U.N. Headquarters Renovation: No Accountability Without Transparency

6/20/06 10:00 AM Nomination

6/14/06 10:00 AM Business Meeting (Resumes on 6/15)

6/13/06 2:30 PM Autopilot Budgeting: Will Congress Ever Respond to Government Performance Data?

6/08/06 10:00 AM National Emergency Management: Where Does FEMA Belong?

6/06/06 2:30 PM Census 2010, Off-line and Off-budget: The High Cost of Low-tech Counting

5/25/06 4:00 PM Business Meeting

5/25/06 2:30 PM Congress’ Role in Federal Financial Management: Is it Efficient, Accountable, and Transparent in the Way it Appropriates Funds?

5/25/06 10:00 AM VA Data Privacy Breach: Twenty-Six Million People Deserve Answers

5/24/06 9:30 AM Nomination

5/22/06 5:30 PM **RESCHEDULED**Business Meeting

5/22/06 2:00 PM Nomination

5/18/06 2:30 PM Unobligated Balances: Freeing up Funds, Setting Priorities and Untying Agency Hands

5/18/06 10:00 AM Nomination

5/17/06 2:30 PM Progress or More Problems: Assessing the Federal Government’s Security Clearance Process

5/17/06 10:15 AM Nomination

5/08/06 3:30 PM Nomination

5/02/06 10:00 AM Business Meeting

4/26/06 2:30 PM Ensuring Early Diagnosis and Access to Treatment for HIV/AIDS: Can Federal Resources Be More Effectively Targeted?

4/25/06 2:30 PM North Korea: Illicit Activity Funding the Regime

4/21/06 10:30 AM FEMA’s Manufactured Housing Program: Haste Makes Waste

4/20/06 10:30 AM Rhode Island Homeland Security Priorities: Preparation for the 2006 Hurricane Season

4/12/06 1:30 PM Preparing for Transition: Implementation of the National Security Personnel System

4/10/06 11:30 AM Katrina and Contracting: Blue Roof, Debris Removal, Travel Trailer Case Studies

4/06/06 2:30 PM The Effectiveness of the Small Business Administration

4/05/06 2:30 PM Museums and Federal Funding

4/05/06 10:00 AM The Future of Port Security: The GreenLane Maritime Cargo Security Act

3/31/06 10:00 AM Nominations

3/30/06 2:30 PM Fulfilling the Promise? A Review of Veterans’ Preference in the Federal Government

3/30/06 10:00 AM Neutralizing The Nuclear And Radiological Threat: Securing the Global Supply Chain (Part Two)

3/29/06 2:30 PM The War on Terrorism: How Prepared is the Nation’s Capital? (Part II)

3/28/06 2:30 PM Bolstering the Safety Net: Eliminating Medicaid Fraud

3/28/06 9:30 AM Neutralizing The Nuclear And Radiological Threat: Securing the Global Supply Chain (Part One)

3/16/06 9:30 AM Earmark Reform: Understanding the Obligation of Funds Transparency Act

3/15/06 2:00 PM Programs in Peril: an Overview of the GAO High-Risk List Part II

3/14/06 9:30 AM GSA Contractors Who Cheat On Their Taxes And What Should Be Done About It

3/09/06 2:30 PM Reporting Improper Payments: A Report Card on Agencies’ Progress

3/08/06 2:30 PM Crime Victims Fund Rescission: Real Savings or Budget Gimmick?

3/08/06 9:30 AM Hurricane Katrina: Recommendations for Reform

3/02/06 10:00 AM Business Meeting

3/01/06 9:30 AM The Department of Homeland Security’s Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2007

2/28/06 10:00 AM Enhancing Educational and Economic Opportunity in the District of Columbia

2/27/06 2:30 PM Briefing on DP World Purchase of P&O

2/15/06 11:15 AM **RESCHEDULED** Hurricane Katrina: The Homeland Security Department’s Preparation and Response

2/13/06 10:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Worsen the Disaster

2/13/06 9:30 AM RESCHEDULED FIELD HEARING: Volatility In the Natural Gas Market: The Impact Of High Natural Gas Prices On American Consumers

2/10/06 9:30 AM Hurricane Katrina: The Roles of DHS and FEMA Leadership

2/09/06 10:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: The Defense Department’s Role in the Response

2/07/06 3:00 PM Federal Agencies and Conference Spending

2/06/06 2:00 PM Hurricane Katrina: Managing Law Enforcement and Communications in a Catastrophe

2/06/06 10:15 AM Big Ticket Waste: Are Empty Federal Buildings Emptying the Taxpayers’ Wallets?

2/02/06 10:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: The Role of the Governors in Managing the Catastrophe

2/01/06 10:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: Managing the Crisis and Evacuating New Orleans

1/31/06 10:00 AM Challenges in a Catastrophe: Evacuating New Orleans in Advance of Hurricane Katrina

1/30/06 2:00 PM Hurricane Katrina: Urban Search and Rescue in a Catastrophe

1/25/06 9:30 AM Lobbying Reform: Proposals and Issues

1/24/06 10:00 AM Preparing for a Catastrophe: The Hurricane Pam Exercise

1/19/06 2:30 PM Bilateral Malaria Assistance: Progress and Prognosis

1/17/06 11:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: Mississippi’s Recovery

12/15/05 3:30 PM Business Meeting

12/15/05 10:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: Who’s In Charge of the New Orleans Levees?

12/08/05 2:30 PM Nomination Hearings

12/08/05 10:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: Perspectives of FEMA’s Operations Professionals

11/21/05 10:00 AM Ensuring Protection of American Intellectual Property Rights for American Industries in China

11/17/05 10:00 AM From Proposed to Final: Evaluating Regulations for the National Security Personnel System

11/16/05 10:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: What Can Government Learn from the Private Sector’s Response?

11/15/05 3:00 PM Iran: Teheran's Nuclear Recklessness and the U.S. Response -- The Experts' Perspective

11/09/05 3:00 PM Access Delayed: Fixing the Security Clearance Process, Part II

11/09/05 9:30 AM ‘Always Ready’: The Coast Guard’s Response to Hurricane Katrina

11/03/05 10:00 AM **POSTPONED**From Proposed to Final: Evaluating Regulations for the National Security Personnel System

11/02/05 9:30 AM Hurricane Katrina: Why Did the Levees Fail?

10/31/05 1:00 PM Corruption In The United Nations Oil-for-Food Program: Reaching a Consensus on United Nations Reform

10/28/05 10:00 AM Medicaid: Creative Improvements from the Field

10/26/05 2:30 PM Uncollected Taxes: Can We Reduce the $300 Billion Tax Gap?

10/25/05 2:30 PM Guns and Butter: Setting Priorities in Federal Spending in the Context of Natural Disaster, Deficits and War

10/20/05 9:30 AM Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans: A Flooded City, a Chaotic Response

10/07/05 10:00 AM Business Meeting

10/06/05 2:30 PM From Factory to Foxhole: Improving DoD Logistics

10/06/05 2:30 PM How Does the Federal Government Lease Needed Space?

10/06/05 9:00 AM Hurricane Katrina: How is FEMA Performing Its Mission at This Stage of Recovery?

9/29/05 3:00 PM GSA II: The Procurement Process from Start to Finish

9/29/05 10:00 AM The Defense Travel System: Boon or Boondoggle?

9/28/05 9:30 AM **RESCHEDULED**Recovering from Hurricane Katrina: Responding to the Immediate Needs of Its Victims

9/27/05 2:30 PM Housing-Related Programs for the Poor: Can We Be Sure That Federal Assistance Is Getting To Those Who Need It Most?

9/27/05 10:00 AM Alternative Personnel Systems: Assessing Progress in the Federal Government

9/26/05 10:00 AM **POSTPONED**Ensuring Protection of American Intellectual Property Rights in China

9/22/05 2:30 PM Cost and Payment Plans of Medicare Part D

9/22/05 9:30 AM Business Meeting

9/21/05 10:00 AM After the London Attacks: What Lessons Have Been Learned to Secure U.S. Transit Systems?

9/15/05 2:30 PM **POSTPONED**Housing-Related Programs for the Poor: Can We Be Sure That Federal Assistance Is Getting To Those Who Need It Most?

9/15/05 10:30 AM Nomination Hearings

9/14/05 10:00 AM Recovering from Hurricane Katrina: The Next Phase

9/13/05 10:00 AM Nomination Hearings

7/27/05 2:30 PM Who’s Watching the Watchdog? Examining Financial Management at the SEC

7/27/05 10:00 AM Chemical Facility Security: What Is the Appropriate Federal Role? (Part II)

7/26/05 2:30 PM GSA – Is the Taxpayer Getting the Best Deal?

7/21/05 2:30 PM U.S. Financial Involvement in Renovation of U.N. Headquarters

7/21/05 10:45 AM Business Meeting

7/19/05 2:00 PM Securing Cyberspace: Efforts to Protect National Information Infrastructures Continue to Face Challenges

7/18/05 2:00 PM Nomination Hearings

7/15/05 9:30 AM Securing American Sovereignty: A Review of the United States’ Relationship with the WTO

7/14/05 1:30 PM Department of Homeland Security: Second Stage Review

7/14/05 9:30 AM The War on Terrorism: How Prepared is the Nation’s Capital?

7/13/05 9:30 AM Chemical Facility Security: What Is the Appropriate Federal Role?

7/12/05 2:00 PM Improper Payments: Where are Truth and Transparency in Federal Financial Reporting?

6/29/05 9:30 AM Vulnerabilities in the U.S. Passport System Can Be Exploited by Criminals and Terrorists

6/28/05 10:00 AM Access Delayed: Fixing the Security Clearance Process

6/23/05 2:30 PM Addressing Disparities in Federal HIV/AIDS CARE Programs

6/22/05 10:00 AM Business Meeting

6/21/05 9:15 AM Juvenile Diabetes: Examining the Personal Toll on Families, Financial Costs to the Federal Health Care System, and Research Progress Toward a Cure

6/16/05 9:30 AM Civilian Contractors Who Cheat On Their Taxes And What Should Be Done About It.

6/15/05 2:30 PM Nomination Hearings

6/15/05 10:00 AM Is the Federal Government Doing Enough to Secure Chemical Facilities and Is More Authority Needed?

6/14/05 2:00 PM Accountability and Results in Federal Budgeting

6/14/05 10:00 AM Finding and Fighting Fakes: Reviewing the Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy

5/26/05 2:30 PM An Assessment of Federal Funding for Private Research and Development

5/26/05 9:30 AM The Container Security Initiative and the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism: Securing the Global Supply Chain or Trojan Horse?

5/25/05 2:30 PM Nomination Hearing

5/25/05 9:30 AM Counterfeit Goods: Easy Cash for Criminals and Terrorists

5/25/05 12:00 AM Business Meeting

5/24/05 2:00 PM An Overview of the Competitive Effects of Specialty Hospitals

5/24/05 10:00 AM Safeguarding the Merit System: A Review of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel

5/19/05 2:30 PM **POSTPONED** Accountability and Results in Federal Budgeting

5/19/05 9:30 AM Nomination Hearings

5/18/05 2:30 PM **POSTPONED** Nomination of Linda M. Springer to be Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management

5/18/05 9:30 AM FEMA’s Response to the 2004 Florida Hurricanes: A Disaster for Taxpayers?

5/17/05 2:00 PM **POSTPONED** Analysis of National In-Patient Satisfaction Survey

5/17/05 9:30 AM Oil For Influence: How Saddam Used Oil to Reward Politicians Under the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program

5/12/05 10:30 AM Examining USAID’s Anti-Malaria Policies

4/28/05 2:00 PM Waging War on Waste: An Examination of DoD’s Business Practices

4/27/05 10:00 AM Chemical Attack on America: How Vulnerable Are We?

4/21/05 2:30 PM An Assessment of the President's Management Agenda

4/21/05 10:30 AM Employing Federal Workforce Flexibilities: A Progress Report

4/15/05 1:00 PM Tax Related Financial Products Can Be Costly

4/14/05 2:00 PM U.S. Postal Service: What is Needed to Ensure its Future Viability?

4/14/05 10:00 AM Passing the Buck: A Review of the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act

4/13/05 11:00 AM Business Meeting

4/05/05 10:00 AM Monitoring CMS’ Vital Signs: Implementation of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

3/15/05 10:00 AM Critical Mission: Ensuring the Success of the National Security Personnel System

3/09/05 10:00 AM Department of Homeland Security's budget submission for FY 2006

3/09/05 10:00 AM Business Meeting (Tentative)

3/07/05 2:00 PM Nomination Hearing

2/17/05 10:00 AM Programs In Peril: An Overview of the GAO High-Risk List

2/16/05 10:00 AM Transforming Government for the 21st Century

2/15/05 9:30 AM The United Nations’ Management and Oversight of the Oil-for-Food Program

2/11/05 10:00 AM POSTPONED

2/10/05 10:00 AM Unlocking the Potential within Homeland Security: the New Human Resources System

2/07/05 6:00 PM Business Meeting

2/02/05 10:00 AM Nomination Hearing

1/26/05 10:00 AM The Department of Homeland Security: The Road Ahead

11/16/04 10:30 AM Oversight Hearing on Insurance Brokerage Practices, Including Potential Conflicts of Interest and the Adequacy of the Current Regulatory Framework

11/15/04 12:00 PM How Saddam Hussein Abused the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program

10/05/04 10:00 AM Nominations Hearing

9/30/04 10:30 AM Oversight Hearing on Section 529 College Savings Plans: High Fees, Inadequate Disclosure, Disparate State Tax Treatment and Questionable Broker Sales Practices

9/22/04 10:00 AM Business Meeting

9/21/04 10:00 AM Business Meeting

9/14/04 9:30 AM The 9/11 Commission Human Capital Recommendations: A Critical Element of Reform

9/13/04 9:30 AM Ensuring the U.S. Intelligence Community Supports Homeland Defense and Departmental Needs

9/08/04 10:30 AM Building an Agile Intelligence Community to Fight Terrorism and Emerging Threats

8/26/04 9:30 AM CLOSED HEARING- Reorganizing the Intelligence Community: to What Extent Should the National Intelligence Director Have Budget Authority and the National Counterterrorism Center Play a Role in Operational Planning?

8/17/04 9:00 AM Voicing a Need for Reform: The Families of 9/11

8/16/04 9:30 AM Reorganizing America's Intelligence Community: A View from the Inside

8/03/04 10:00 AM Assessing America's Counterterrorism Capabilities

7/30/04 11:00 AM Making America Safer: Examining the Recommendations of the 9-11 Commission

7/22/04 3:30 PM Nominations Hearing for Allen Weinstein to be Archivist of the United States

7/22/04 9:00 AM Buyer Beware: The Danger of Purchasing Pharmaceuticals over the Internet - Day 2
Federal and Private Sector Responses

7/21/04 10:00 AM Business Meeting

7/20/04 9:00 AM Building the 21st Century Federal Workforce: Assessing Progress in Human Capital Management

7/19/04 2:30 PM Nomination Hearing for Neil McPhie and Barbara Sapin

7/15/04 9:00 AM Money Laundering and Foreign Corruption: Enforcement and Effectiveness of the Patriot Act

7/08/04 10:30 AM The Federal Government's Financial Statement and Accountability of Taxpayer Dollars at the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security

7/07/04 10:00 AM Juvenile Detention Centers: Are They Warehousing Children with Mental Illness

7/06/04 6:05 PM Business Meeting

6/23/04 4:00 PM International Smuggling Networks: Weapons of Mass Destruction Counterproliferation Initiatives

6/23/04 11:30 AM Nomination Hearing for David M. Stone to be Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration

6/17/04 9:00 AM Buyer Beware: The Danger of Purchasing Pharmaceuticals Over The Internet

6/15/04 10:30 AM An Assessment of Current Efforts to Combat Terrorism Financing

6/09/04 10:00 AM Going Nowhere: DOD Wastes Millions of Dollars on Unused Airline Tickets

6/08/04 2:30 PM Dietary Supplement Safety Act: How is FDA Doing 10 Years Later?

6/02/04 10:00 AM Executive Business Meeting

5/12/04 10:00 AM Bogus Degrees and Unmet Expectations: Are Taxpayer Dollars Subsidizing Diploma Mills? (Day 2)

5/11/04 10:30 AM Bogus Degrees and Unmet Expectations: Are Taxpayer Dollars Subsidizing Diploma Mills?

5/06/04 10:00 AM Trimming the Fat: Examining Duplicative and Outdated Federal Programs and Functions

4/29/04 10:45 AM Nomination Hearing for Mr. David Safavian

4/29/04 10:00 AM Nomination Hearing for Mr. Dawn Tisdale

4/28/04 10:00 AM Government Purchase Cards: Smarter Use Can Save Taxpayers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

4/20/04 2:30 PM Oversight Hearing on Expensing Stock Options: Supporting and Strengthening the Independence of the Financial Accounting Standards Board

4/20/04 9:30 AM Pirates of the 21st Century: The Curse of the Black Market

4/08/04 9:30 AM Does CMS Have the Right Prescription? Implementing the Medicare Prescription Drug Program

4/07/04 2:00 PM Legislative Hearing on S. 346, a Bill to Amend the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act to Establish a Governmentwide Policy Requiring Competition in Certain Procurements from Federal Prison Industries

4/07/04 10:00 AM Postal Reform: The Chairmen’s Perspectives on Governance and Rate-Setting

3/30/04 2:30 PM The Federal Government’s Role In Empowering Americans To Make Informed Financial Decisions

3/29/04 9:00 AM The Road to Recovery: Solving the Social Security Disability Backlog

3/24/04 9:00 AM Profiteering in a Non-profit Industry: Abusive Practices in Credit Counseling

3/23/04 2:30 PM The Postal Service in Crisis: A Joint Senate-House Hearing on Principles for Meaningful Reform

3/11/04 9:30 AM Postal Reform: Sustaining the 9 Million Jobs in the $900 Billion Mailing Industry (Day 2)

3/09/04 10:00 AM Postal Reform: Sustaining the 9 Million Jobs in the $900 Billion Mailing Industry (Day 1)

3/01/04 11:00 AM Oversight of the Thrift Savings Plan: Ensuring the Integrity of Federal Employee Retirement Savings

2/25/04 10:00 AM JOINT HEARING: The Key to Homeland Security: the New Human Resources System

2/24/04 10:00 AM Preserving a Strong United States Postal Service: Worforce Issues, Day 1

2/12/04 9:30 AM DOD Contractors that Cheat on their Taxes and What Should Be Done About It

2/09/04 10:00 AM Department of Homeland Security's budget for FY05

2/04/04 2:00 PM Preserving a Strong United States Postal Service: Workforce Issues, Day 2

1/27/04 10:00 AM Oversight Hearing on Mutual Funds: Hidden Fees, Misgovernance and Other Practices that Harm Investors

12/09/03 10:00 AM Fair or Foul: The Challenge of Negotiating, Monitoring, and Enforcing U.S. Trade Laws

11/21/03 11:15 AM Executive Business Meeting

11/20/03 10:00 AM Keeping the Lights On: The Federal Role in Managing the Nation's Electricity, Part Two

11/20/03 9:00 AM U. S. Tax Shelter Industry: The Role of Accountants, Lawyers and Financial Professionals, Day 2

11/19/03 9:30 AM Agroterrorism: The Threat to America's Breadbasket

11/18/03 2:30 PM Nominations Hearing

11/18/03 9:00 AM U. S. Tax Shelter Industry: The Role of Accountants, Lawyers and Financial Professionals, Day 1

11/12/03 3:30 PM S. 1358, the Federal Employee Protection of Disclosures Act: Amendments to the Whistleblower Protection Act

11/12/03 2:00 PM Nominations Hearing

11/06/03 2:00 PM DOD’s Improper Use of First and Business Class Airline Travel

11/05/03 2:00 PM The Report of the Presidential Commission on the U.S. Postal Service: Preserving Access and Affordability.

11/03/03 10:30 AM Mutual Funds: Trading Practices and Abuses that Harm Investors

10/22/03 10:30 AM Executive Business Meeting

10/08/03 10:00 AM SARS: Is Minnesota Prepared?

10/02/03 4:10 PM Executive Business Meeting

10/01/03 9:30 AM Deteriorating Buildings and Wasted Opportunities: The Need for Federal Real Property Reform

9/30/03 10:00 AM Privacy & Piracy: The Paradox of Illegal File Sharing on Peer-to-Peer Networks and the Impact of Technology on the Entertainment Industry

9/30/03 9:00 AM Nominations Hearing

9/24/03 9:30 AM Penalty for Public Service: Do the Social Security Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provisions Unfairly Discriminate Against Employees and Retirees?

9/23/03 9:30 AM CLOSED HEARING: Combating Terrorist Financing: Are We on the Right Track?

9/17/03 10:00 AM U.S. Postal Service: What Can Be Done to Ensure Its Future Viability?

9/16/03 11:00 AM Nomination Hearing, Department of Homeland Security

9/16/03 9:30 AM Oversight of GAO: What Lies Ahead for Congress' Watchdog?

9/15/03 2:30 PM Safeguarding America's Retirement Security: An Examination of Defined Benefit Pension Plans and the Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation

9/10/03 9:00 AM Keeping the Lights On : The Federal Role in Managing the Nation's Electricity

8/06/03 10:00 AM Legal Drugs, Illegal Purposes: The Escalating Abuse of Prescription Medications

7/31/03 10:00 AM Terrorism Financing: Origination, Organization, and Prevention

7/30/03 1:50 PM Executive Business Meeting

7/30/03 9:00 AM SARS: Best Practices for Identifying And Caring for New Cases.

7/29/03 10:15 AM Nominations Hearing to Consider Joel D. Kaplan to be Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget

7/29/03 9:30 AM Department of Homeland Security Nominations hearing for Joe D. Whitley to be General Counsel and Penrose C. Albright to be Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security (Plans, Programs, and Budget).

7/24/03 9:30 AM Then and Now: An Update on the Administration's Competitive Sourcing Initiative

7/22/03 3:30 PM Nominations Hearing for Allen Weinstein to be Archivist of the United States

7/21/03 2:00 PM Oversight Hearing on Government Sponsored Enterprises: The Risks and Benefits to Consumers

7/17/03 9:30 AM Nowhere to Turn: Must Parents Relinquish Custody in Order to Secure Mental Health Services for Their Children?, Part 2: Government Response.

7/16/03 10:00 AM Great Lakes Restoration Management: No Direction, Unknown Progress.

7/15/03 9:30 AM Nowhere to Turn: Must Parents Relinquish Custody in Order to Secure Mental Health Services for Their Children?, Part 1: Families and Advocates.

6/26/03 12:50 PM Executive Business Meeting

6/25/03 9:30 AM Nomination of Joshua B. Bolten to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget

6/24/03 10:00 AM Juvenile Diabetes: Examining the Personal Toll on Families, Financial Costs to the Federal Health Care System, and Research Progress Toward a Cure

6/19/03 10:00 AM Self-Dealing and Breach of Duty: A Review of the ULLICO Matter

6/18/03 9:30 AM Superior Court of the District of Columbia Nominations

6/17/03 10:00 AM Executive Business Meeting

6/11/03 9:00 AM Patient Safety: Instilling Hospitals with a Culture of Continuous Improvement

6/05/03 10:30 AM Department of Homeland Security Nominations

6/04/03 9:30 AM Transforming the Department of Defense Personnel System: Finding the Right Approach.

5/21/03 9:00 AM SARS: How Effective Is The State And Local Response?

5/20/03 2:00 PM Drugs, Counterfeiting, and Weapons Proliferation: The North Korea Connection

5/15/03 2:00 PM Nominations

5/15/03 9:30 AM "Investing in Homeland Security: Challenges Facing State and Local Governments"

5/14/03 9:30 AM Tissue Banks: The Dangers of Tainted Tissue and the Need for Federal Regulation

5/12/03 12:30 PM An Overlooked Asset: the Defense Civilian Workforce

5/12/03 8:30 AM Border Security: How are State and Local Officials Coping With The New Levels of Threat?

5/01/03 10:00 AM Investing in Homeland Security: Streamlining and Enhancing Homeland Security Grant Programs

4/10/03 11:00 AM Prosecuting Iraqi War Crimes; A Consideration of the Different Forum Options

4/10/03 9:30 AM Nomination of Peter Eide to be General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority

4/09/03 9:30 AM Investing in Homeland Security, Challenges on the Front Line

4/08/03 9:30 AM The Human Capital Challenge: Offering Solutions and Delivering Results

4/02/03 10:00 AM Nominations

3/20/03 9:30 AM Cargo Containers: The Next Terrorist Target?

3/06/03 9:30 AM Evaluating Human Capital at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

3/05/03 10:00 AM Business Meeting

2/27/03 11:00 AM Nominations

2/26/03 10:00 AM Consolidating Intelligence Analysis: A Review of the President's Proposal to Create a Terrorist Threat Integration Center--Day 2

2/14/03 9:30 AM Consolidating Intelligence Analysis: A Review of the President's Proposal to Create a Terrorist Threat Integration Center

2/05/03 2:20 PM Business Meeting

1/24/03 9:30 AM The nomination of The Honorable Gordon England to be Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

1/17/03 9:00 AM The nomination of The Honorable Tom Ridge to be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

12/11/02 9:30 AM Oversight of Investment Banks' Response to the Lessons of Enron

11/15/02 10:00 AM Hearing to consider the nominations of Alejandro Sanchez, Andrew Saul and Gordon Whiting to be Members of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board.

9/11/66 2:30 PM Nominations

Offshore Abuses: The Enablers, The Tools & Offshore Secrecy

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