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Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to turn here often for all of the latest news and information about my work in the U.S. Senate for the people of Washington state. Plan a visit or tour, or join me in my office for a constituent coffee. And of course, send me an email. I want to know about the issues that matter most to you.

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Energy Independence

American consumers, businesses, and farmers demand leadership and vision for our nation's energy future. We must develop an aggressive, innovative strategy to lead the way toward energy independence. Please read more about Maria's most recent efforts to enhance incentives for investments in renewable energy, ban gas price gouging, boost fuel economy standards, increase transparency in oil and gas markets, make more cars biofuels compatible, and invest in Northwest alternative fuel infrastructure.

Maria is working to expand the use of locally produced biofuels through aggressive incentives.  To jump start your alternative fuel project or find an ethanol or biodiesel station near you, please see her Guide to Federal Biofuels Incentives. To read a recent report on the impact of high gas prices, click here.

Latest News

09/15/2008 Cantwell: Gas Price Hikes Could Have Been Prevented If CFTC Had Regulated Dark Markets
09/11/2008 Energy Committee Passes Cantwell's Pacific Northwest Scenic Trail Legislation
09/11/2008 Cantwell: CFTC Report Fatally Flawed
09/11/2008 Cantwell Statement on the Seventh Anniversary of the Attacks of September 11
09/10/2008 Senators Dorgan and Cantwell Renew Charge to Stop Excessive Oil Speculation
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Meth Awareness

Raising awareness about the dangers of meth is critical to keeping this devastating drug out of our communities. We must do more to provide the resources to confront this epidemic from every angle. By stopping meth, we can make our communities safer and curb the many problems, from gang activity to identity theft to neglected children, that accompany meth trafficking and use.

For more information on meth, click here. For more on Maria's work to confront the epidemic, click here.