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NPR Music's Video Redesign Puts You In The Front Row On Every Screen

The new NPR Music video experience. i i

The new NPR Music video experience. NPR hide caption

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The new NPR Music video experience.

The new NPR Music video experience.


NPR Music's live concerts and massive concert archive receive a redesign today, and the changes aim to upgrade your experience everywhere you play our shows.

Whether you're on your phone or your widescreen, the redesign keeps the best and dramatically improves the rest. The renovations range broadly:

The new experience on the phone.

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  • Visual power. During our live concerts or our thousands of archived videos, you'll enjoy bigger visuals at all screen sizes, from phones to tablets to desk-spanning flat-screens. Videos, slideshows and images all get a boost, moving your view to the front row.
  • Better players. We've recently improved our video player, and today brings similar improvements to our audio player. Across platforms, you'll see faster loading, as well as the ability to jump forward and backward easily within audio.
  • Quick coverage and setlists. Wondering what's coming? Staff write-ups begin directly beneath your video or audio, and we've made it easier to see what songs the artist performed.
  • Depth and clarity on mobile. All concert content is available on mobile for the first time, including our in-show live chats and pre-show options to add the event to your Google, iCal or Outlook calendar. You'll also find the pages more readable and scroll-friendly on your phone.
  • Infinite options for more. Below your featured concert, you'll see a clickable, never-ending stream of performances from related artists or your selected concert series. Every option will preview whether the show is video, audio or an upcoming special event — and how long the show lasts.
  • Part of the NPR Music universe. While keeping the house lights low, we've added navigation at the top of the page to NPR Music's articles, programs and live streams. No matter what device you're using, keeping up with the most interesting music in the world is easy.
  • Sponsorship that fits and respects. To keep NPR Music a strong and independent non-profit, you'll see the same respectful sponsorship messages across platforms that you've seen elsewhere on the redesigned
The new experience on tablet.

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If you enjoy watching and listening to NPR Music concerts on your favorite NPR member station, you'll find many of these improvements there as well. Across genres, many of these concerts come directly from stations, and NPR Music, as always, is a collaboration between your member station and NPR. Your support of your favorite station keeps this music playing all over the Internet.

In 2011, we made NPR Music's concerts the first mobile-friendly pages on This summer, these experiences go mobile-first — and are more exciting than ever on your big screen.

Patrick Cooper is director of web and engagement at NPR Digital Media. Otis Hart is product manager at NPR Music.



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