The Bristol Bay Protection Pledge

Bear with Salmon

Dear Jewelry Retailers,

As an industry leader, you have a real opportunity to demonstrate your company's commitment to the highest environmental and social standards.

Customers want to know that their gold jewelry was sourced responsibly – not from areas of critical ecological value.

You can demonstrate your company's commitment to these principles by signing the Bristol Bay Protection Pledge. To sign the pledge, or learn more about it, please contact us at You can read the full text of the pledge here.

Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed supports a wealth of natural resources, including:

  • The world's most productive wild salmon fishery - producing one third of the world's sockeye salmon
  • The Mulchatna caribou herd, one of Alaska's largest
  • A world-class native rainbow trout fishery, which supports a recreational industry of international significance

These resources are now at risk from a proposal to develop the Pebble Mine - North America's largest open pit gold-copper-molybdenum mine.

Please join the many civic, business, conservation and indigenous leaders who recognize the tremendous conservation value of this region and pledge protection of the Bristol Bay Watershed.

And assure your customers that their gold jewelry isn’t a threat to the world's greatest salmon fishery or the communities that depend upon it.

Last year, the Jewelers of America took a strong stand against a federal proposal to sell treasured public lands to mining companies. Thanks JA, for doing your part. Now another alarming proposal threatens our precious public lands. This time it's Bristol Bay, Alaska, home to the world's largest salmon run, and critical habitat for caribou, freshwater seals, grizzly bears and trout. This remarkable fishery - and the wildlife, communities and businesses that depend on it - are at risk by a plan to build a massive gold mining district at its very headwaters. We need your help. Bristol Bay is the wrong place for a gold mine. No responsible jeweler would knowingly buy gold mined there. Please join the many businesses, as well as civic, indigenous and conservation leaders, working to protect this world-class resource by taking the Bristol Bay Protection Pledge at Your support will let your customers know that you care about preserving your company's glowing reputation.Protect Bristol Bay. 43 Million Salmon will thank you. And so will your customers.