The Bristol Bay Protection Pledge

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"Our company is concerned about environmental and social impacts of irresponsible mining. We are committed to sourcing gold and other metals extracted under the highest social, human rights and environmental standards. We are working to ensure that our products are not produced at the expense of communities, workers or the environment.

We recognize that Alaska's Bristol Bay Watershed is an ecosystem of national and international significance, supporting the world's largest wild salmon fishery -- which is vital to Alaska's economy, and the subsistence way of life of Alaska Native people in the region.

We are aware that much of the Bristol Bay Watershed has been recognized for its conservation value and has been formally designated the Bristol Bay Fishery Reserve, with restrictions against oil and gas leasing.

We understand that there are proposals to mine gold, copper and other metals within the Reserve that could jeopardize the salmon fishery and the businesses and communities it supports.

We are committed to sourcing our gold and other materials in ways that ensure the protection of natural resources such as the Bristol Bay Watershed. We would not want the jewelry we sell to our customers to jeopardize this important natural resource.

In recognition of the importance of conserving the Bristol Bay Watershed, and the tremendous salmon fishery that it supports, we support permanent protection of the Bristol Bay Fishery Reserve from the impacts of large-scale metal mining."



To sign the pledge, or learn more about it, please contact us at

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