Rick Halford

Former Alaska State Senate President

Rick Halford Andrew

Former State Senate President Rick Halford is well-respected for his role as a political leader in Alaska. A popular Republican, he served for nearly 25 years in the Alaska State Legislature, with multiple terms as both Senate President and Senate Majority leader. He retired as Senate President in 2003. With about 10,000 hours in the air over Alaska as a commercial pilot and big game hunting guide, Halford has a 44 year view of Alaska's incredible values in renewable and nonrenewable resources. He's an avid outdoorsman, and now spends his time working to protect Bristol Bay.

"The mine proponents say that we can have both - the mine and the salmon. But, this level of industrial activity just isn't compatible with maintaining wild salmon habitat. Alaska is the last great stronghold for wild salmon. It's the last chance to save an intact ecosystem and all of its biodiversity. Mining can do a lot of good things, but the bottom line is that this particular place is the last place on earth we should have a sulfide mine so large that itdwarfs the largest open pit mine in North America."

He has six children, and he lives with his wife, splitting his time between Chugiak and Dillingham.

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