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Our Fishery: A National Treasure

Boasting five major river systems, deep lakes, and an environment remote from commercial and industrial development, “The Bay,” is an American national treasure; a fishery that is expertly managed for sustainability and future generations.

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Pebble Mine: A Massive Mistake

The Pebble Mine would create a four square mile open pit mine that requires construction of massive earthen dams to contain toxic tailings in an area prone to earthquakes.  The waste that it is supposed to contain is enough to provide 3,000 pounds of toxic tailings to every man, woman and child on earth.

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Up Next

EPA’s decision to initiate Clean Water Act protections in Bristol Bay is monumental for our fishery, but our work is not done yet! Throughout 2014, we are organizing commercial fishermen from both Bristol Bay and around the country to continue to build political support for our jobs through a variety of grassroots activities. For more information, please email Katherine Carscallen.

I cannot imagine a worse place for a mine of this type, unless it was in my kitchen”  – Former Alaska Governor Jay Hammond