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Howling at the Moon: Last Chance for the Industry/State Partnership?

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By Bruce Baizel

September 9, 2014

On the day of the harvest moon, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper late yesterday evening released the names and the general mandate for his “blue ribbon” commission on oil and gas drilling.  Formed to avoid ballot issues this fall that would have allowed communities to determine if, and how, they would host oil and gas operations, the commission is formally tasked with addressing the siting of oil and gas facilities so as “to ensure that Colorado’s economy and environment remain healthy and robust.” Hardly a mandate to inspire, it represents the continuation of the state and fossil fuel industry collaboration that has brought us to the current state of political affairs. 

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On Colorado: Waiting and Seeing

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By Bruce Baizel

August 12, 2014

You can’t say that the politics of oil and gas in Colorado have been dull lately.

Last week, on the day that signatures for four statewide oil and gas ballot initiatives were due, Governor Hickenlooper announced with Representative Polis that the four initiatives would be withdrawn as part of a political deal. 

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