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Friday, May 14, 2010

Landfarming - Coming to a pasture near you!

Gas drilling waste is getting spread all over Texas farmland.

Argyle/Bartonville Residents this is coming to a pasture near you! 

Statements pulled from the Ft. Worth weekly article printed May 12th, 2010.
  • The drilling caused its own problems, but it wasn’t until the company spread muddy drilling waste over several acres of their land that all three of the Ruggieros, at about the same time, began to suffer from similar-looking rashes.
  • In the Ruggieros’ case, the foul-smelling mud that drilling crews had spread over their land turned out, when tested by Rich’s company, to contain high levels of arsenic and benzene, both of which can cause cancer.
  • Many rural families fear that anything grown on acreage that has been improperly land farmed may be contaminated with carcinogens and that the grass and crops are potentially harmful to humans and animals. In some cases, they report, animals will not even eat the affected grass.
  • In Arkansas, which last year began the process of revoking permits on 11 land-farm sites, landfarming runoff had contaminated local water supplies.
  • “Texas can’t seem to learn by watching others,” Sharon Wilson said. “We just keep on letting the industry have complete carte blanche.”

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More info at: What is Landfarming?


  1. Does anyone know if any landfarms are currently operating in the Argyle/Bartonville area? There seems to be no end to the attacks on our health and safety by this industry.

  2. What we all need to understand that this is becoming a global problem. These animals and produce are being shipped to market and transported to other areas of the country. I don't think I am interested in eating TX Peaches this year!