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Monday, May 17, 2010

Whitehead - Construction & Flooding

May 14, 2010 - Hillwood sent a letter to AISD - AISD posted it on the school website: View full letter at:
Letter summary: Construction of the road entrance began as planned on Wednesday morning. Traffic coordination by Sgt Adams with Argyle PD was outstanding. If there are no weather delays, trucks will begin hauling gravel on Wednesday 5/19/2010. We are planning for 20 loads per day, which will be coordinated around the time restrictions in the morning and afternoon (around school beginning and ending), and will last for 5 days. Should anyone have any questions please feel free to contact one of the following Hillwood representatives:

Jim Kramer – 817-201-2360
Johnie Daniels – 817-454-3000
Tad LeBlanc – 832-418-2295
Now that the traffic issues are being addressed, I wonder if anything is going to be done about the flooding. With the construction of the Jenkins well (12 wells behind school) the flood plane will be altered. The water from the Jenkins site will flow into the creek between the school and Front St. I hope they have done a hydrology study. Pictures are from Friday, May 14th. First picture- The creek is full and water and is flowing over the road at the entrance to the Argyle Intermediate School. I hope the homes along Front St. are not flooding. Second picture- Construction on road to Whitehead well.

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