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Friday, May 21, 2010

Pay Attention - Williams is moving into Double Oak

Now that Flower Mound is pushing back against Williams they are moving into Double Oak.
They have permitted 3 new wells through the RRC in the past week. They will be situated off Kings Road.  Where will the pipelines, tanks, compressors, etc go?


  1. How do you find out when a new permit is being applied for by these companies? Do we have the right to protest a well site if it is not in an area that is appropriate for drilling?

  2. Actually, I think the well pad for those three wells will be on Simmons Rd right across from Lantana. That is a pretty large pad site. I wonder what else they are planning to stick on that site?

  3. Bob, here is the link, click on the map under the API & it will show you the locations., the wells will be north of E Kings Road by Green Ridge Drive, N Forest Lane, and N Woodland Trail, I am happy to help anyone navigate the RRC site, Jana