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Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to find new drill permits...

One of the comments on a previous post, the writer ask: 
How do you find out when a new permit is being applied for by these companies? Do we have the right to protest a well site if it is not in an area that is appropriate for drilling?

ABCA is watching the RRC website closely for new permits in Denton County. You can to. Go to:

Type in Denton County or any other information you have. You can then begin to search. However, please remember that by the time a permit is requested at the RRC the town has already approved it. The first place to watch is the P&Z town agenda's. Then it will go to the town council and on to the RRC for a permit. The best time to protest is with P&Z and town council. Once it gets to RRC you need to be a mineral owner within the pool and if you are within 330 feet of the drill line you can request a hearing with the RRC.

Also when looking for permits for new gas exploration in the area, it is interesting to know that you can search the RRC website for new pipelines. However, this area is not updated online but every couple of months and so far for the year the RRC does not show any new permits for pipelines in Denton County. (ABCA will post more on this soon)

Now when it comes to Compressor Stations and Centralized Collection Facilities there is not a permit pulled until they are ready to fire up the engines. I believe this is done with TCEQ. ABCA is learning everyday so if any of this needs to be corrected we will gladly do so.

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  1. So, Double Oak's P&Z meeting occurs on the 4th Tuesday of the month, which would be this week May,25. They don't have an agenda posted on their website. I will call the town on Monday to find out if Williams or anyone else has anything on the agenda.