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Monday, May 24, 2010

Protest - What can you do?

Today was successful. Many drove by the Jeter Rd. site and received information as to Williams Gulf Coast Production's possible plans for the Jeter Rd site.  The main question today was "What can I do?" You can begin by:

  • Signing the online petition
  • Learn about what is going on through the this blog and others.
  • Send ABCA your contact information to get Alerts.
  • Begin attending town, school and other area meetings when gas is on the agenda.
  • Write your local and state representatives and voice your concerns. 
If you are on a lease or own your minerals this does not mean you can not advocate for clean air, water and safe drilling practices. It is the hope that all gas operators who do business in this area would adhere to all laws, permitting processes and green completion methods. However, when citizens continue to find disparaging information in the mentioned areas it raises concerns. These concerns become serious when we realize the affects of a missed step with the gas industry could result in dangerous results for our families.

Denton Record Chronicle reports on Jeter Rd. issues.

ARGYLE — Protesters opposing a natural gas company’s plans to build wastewater tanks and compressors in a rural neighborhood temporarily blocked workers’ access to the site Monday morning, in a move designed to draw attention to their plight.

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