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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keep Argyle Beautiful

We have heard from some of our readers that you moved to Argyle from larger cities such as Southlake, Grapevine, Coppell and Colleyville just to name a few because of the rural feel of Argyle.  The large trees, wide open spaces and large country estates are breathtaking and appeal to many.  Our schools are second to none and our town made for the perfect place to raise a family and plant your roots.  We even have an organization in town whose mission is to preserve and enhance that very thing.  The mission statement of the organization “Keep Argyle Beautiful” is:
Keep Argyle Beautiful is organized to preserve and enhance our local natural environment through educational and motivational programs.  To achieve this purpose, Keep Argyle Beautiful will establish and maintain a continuing litter control program; investigate, study, develop and propose plans to bring about community appearance improvements; promote increased public interest and responsibility in the maintenance of a clean, healthy, beautiful environment; and work with the community to reduce and prevent pollution.
So, do you think this is beautiful?
Does this maintain a clean, healthy environment?

Does this reduce and prevent pollution?

The children of Argyle, particularly those near the Intermediate school, are certainly going to receive an education about this industry as they will be able to see, hear, smell and breathe the operations from their playground.  I know that is not the type of educational programs you envisioned.
And perhaps to keep with the “go green” views of this organization would you want to have a community garden on a pasture that has been landfarmed with the drilling mud and waste?
Lastly, do you think one of our local drilling sites can receive the “yard of the month”?  See criteria below:
CURB APPEAL: landscape features such as birdhouses, ironwork, attractive mailbox, etc.

ENERGY CONSERVATION: Use of alternative power sources or reduction of conventional energy sources.

CREATIVITY: Colorful plants, heights, textures, etc.

USE OF RECYCLED PRODUCTS: Mulch, manure, compost, tires, etc.
WATER CONSERVATION: Xeriscaping, Waterwise landscaping
So, you be the judge – are we keeping Argyle beautiful?  We think not!  So, we are asking Keep Argyle Beautiful to partner with the alliance to help maintain your mission.  The drilling operations are an oxymoron to everything your website states you stand for and we are ready to work with you to ensure these goals are not compromised.

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  1. Sure doesn't look like a place I would want to live.