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Friday, May 28, 2010

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In an article published yesterday, Argyle was mentioned. Here is what was said....

As for Williams, they aren’t acting very neighborly in Argyle, where they just bulldozed a seven-acre, heavily wooded site to make way for a condensate tank farm, wastewater pipelines and a natural gas compressor complex in an unincorporated residential neighborhood along Jeter Road. This soon-to-be-industrial operation is within 100 feet of three high-dollar homes. That’s not a typo – it’s within 100 fracking feet! It’s also in a FEMA flood plain and within a few feet of a creek that empties into Lake Grapevine. How patriotic!

And get this: The site will house between 12 and 30 tank batteries to accept tens of millions of gallons of permanently contaminated wastewater from wells being drilled on properties owned by Argyle council member Wayne Holt and former member Lemoine Wright. Enraged locals don’t understand how Holt and Wright could use their public office to negotiate an agreement that allows drilling on their land, while their toxic waste is trucked to their neighbors, along with the accompanying threats to health, safety and property values.

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