Fossil Fuel Divestment

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By Jennifer Krill

November 20, 2014

One avenue to encourage a more rapid transition from dirty fossil fuels to a clean energy economy is through socially responsible investment, or in this case, disinvestment. If we want fossil fuels to stop dominating the global economy and our political decision makers, then we need to stop buying into them.

So it was great news back in September that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced they would divest from fossil fuels.

Besides being one of the most prolific supporters of groups working for the public good, today's Rockefeller Brothers Fund is descended from the powerful oil company that helped establish today's fossil-fuel based economy. For that reason, this was a powerful statement; as actor and fracktivist Mark Ruffalo said at the conference: "These people here today have decided to put their money where their mouth is and to implement change another way."

They made the statement at a Divest-Invest conference on September 22nd in advance of the UN Global Climate Summit in New York.

The conference is worth watching. And the transcript is linked here. The comments made at the conference offer a window onto the new world that is coming.

Also speaking/participating at the event were (speaker bios here)

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