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NPR sets the standard for trusted editorial content and audience engagement. To further its commitment to editorial excellence and support its mission, NPR relies on a variety of revenue streams, including corporate sponsorship.

As the sponsorship sales team for NPR and its digital assets, National Public Media offers the most dynamic public media sponsorship opportunities.

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The NPR audience has come to rely on NPR as a leader across broadcast and digital platforms. NPR programming broadcasts on more than 900 stations, reaching millions of listeners in every corner of the country.

NPR is also leading the industry as a premium publisher offering cross platform sponsorship opportunities including mobile apps and podcasts. The latest redesign of incorporates responsive design, ensuring an optimized experience for the NPR audience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

With these distinctions, sponsorship opportunities with NPR transcend broadcast into new and untapped audiences.

For additional information on sponsorship opportunities, please visit National Public Media.

All NPR funding sources, including corporate sponsors, are considered under the "access" principle, which means that NPR has no list of sources from which funding will not be accepted. However, potential conflict of interest and problems of listener misperception, confusion, or similar reason regarding the funder's role and/or influence on programming will be considered in accepting or rejecting underwriting.